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IMG_0001004BookCoverImageIt has been a while since I last tried to flog some books . So here we go with another tantalizing motivation to buy one of my wonderful stories. Besides, I have still not reached the magic number of royalties to buy my new Jaguar or Lexus!!!!

A Theologians Review of “Chapter XXl Armageddon”

I have for a long time wondered how my book would be seen by the religious community, now I know and I’m very pleased indeed.BookCoverImage



by Art Turnbull
report of a reading by a Minister of the Anglican Church and Military Padre .Chapter XXI Armageddon is a book written by Frederick Rodgers.  The author is an Irish born (1939) lad who as a teen served in the Royal Navy.  Having travelled the world as a sailor Rodgers came to Canada.  Settled eventually on Prince Edward Island he took up writing as a further career.  Armageddon is his third book.At first glance, and reinforced by the introductory quote from Winston Churchill, one could quickly lay this book aside, assuming it to be an anti Muslim diatribe. That is not the case if one reads further and gets into the story.This “science fiction” story depicts a secret project of international proportions.  The whole future of the world is at stake as a religious based take over of civilization is being confronted.  Saving the world is what must take place.  To do this we are treated to escapades of a cast of characters.  Adam, a United Church of Canada minister, is to be the hero as he is paired up with Eve.  This couple has been especially chosen to be time travellers, not to the future but to the past.  Their mission is to invite Jesus of Nazareth to come and solve the problem.  David is the prime minister of Britain.  Cardinal Benito Perrocelli represents the Roman Catholic Church as he is to match wits with the Scottish minister, The Rev. Angus MacDonald.  A Professor Carson masterminds the planning.
There is a naval officer who must carry out secret orders crossing the Atlantic Ocean while NASA engineers work out problems such as how to build a vehicle for two that will now hold three. All this mix of specialized folk are to bring together a massive historical moment that places the Adam and Eve couple in the year 33AD on the soil of the suburbs of Jerusalem.  It is quite a journey from where it all began in Inverary, Scotland.The surprising ending of this story comes about in a most unsuspected way.  There is almost a touch of “live happily ever after” in the climax, but maybe not.  To tell more would be to spoil the plot of the story for the reader.  You will have to get a copy and find out for your own self.Rodgers has a vivid imagination as suits someone choosing to live in the thriving community of Abram Village, PEI, Canada.  I am not sure how many authors come from this location.  Yet, Chapter XXI Armageddon testifies to the ability of the writer to weave a grand tale, perhaps fueled by Atlantic lobster and a draft of Moosehead.  Worth the read.

by Frederick Rodgers
Self Published by the author
ISBN 1502340860

God Bless and keep reading and buy buy !!!!!but not goodbye

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