Below is the latest letter I have sent to the editor of both Island newspapers. Surely I’m not the only one who sees the looming similarities between the Ghiz government and the present Wade MacLauchlan government. No honesty, no openest, no trust and most of all no transparency. about-the-premierCaudillo gone



We have just recently survived ten years of Liberal government mismanagement, a huge deficit, HST that no one mentioned during the election, and fraudulent gambling schemes under the direction of the Ghiz/Sheridan Liberals. Near the end of their of the 2nd term they both suddenly jumped ship to avoid the E Gaming scandal. Help seemed to be near as a Provincial election was called and people saw a real possibility for change in Island politics. I felt sure the Liberal ship was on the rocks and about to sink below the waves of scandal. But wait, enter King Wade! perhaps we should name him Honest Wade, he marched onto the political stage promising openest,honesty and most importantly Transparency. He told us to forget the past sins of the Ghiz government, his new team would be different. Hmm, So where are we today? Well, there is a worrisome rumour Honest Wade, who is mute on the subject, is about to increase the HST to 15%, now doesn’t that sounds similar to the Liberals of old.   Honest Wade is now touring India, didn’t Robert Ghiz do something similar a few years ago. Memories of first class air travel comes to mind, but for the life of me I can’t remember any new jobs. Is it any wonder we find ourselves in a  similar mess today? How did we Islanders manage this? I believe it is the age old problem of, “my parents always voted this way so I do the same”! That folks is what I believe put us in the mess we presently find ourselves. In the next election I sincerely hope a lot more young voters will turn out and change this old and ingrained two party system. It is time to stop giving consecutive Red/Blue governments a majority. Frankly I’m sick and tired of politicians claiming they are open honest and transparent.

God Bless and keep reading.

Author of LILY & ME , and THE ROYAL NAVY & ME
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