Mother Canada??? Cancelled!!!

mother-canadaI must admit I did have mixed feelings about the Cape Breton Statue project. On paper it did indeed look very impressive but did not garner massive support and left many unanswered questions. . On one hand in could have been a great tourist attraction (maybe) and on the other hand a colossal flop and waste of money. Particularly coming at a time when the nation is in a huge deficit and in need of more important and necessary projects such as education and health care, roads and other infrastructure. However, I think the overriding issue was originality and really folks this was just wee bit off the mark when it came to originality????

rio statue

The controversial Mother Canada project planned for the Cape Breton Highlands National Park will not be going ahead, to the delight of opponents and disappointment of supporters.

Parks Canada yanked its support of the $25-million project that included a 24-metre statue planned for Green Cove. The project was being backed by a private group, the Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation.

The decision came following a review that found “too many key elements were outstanding” for a completion date of July 1, 2017, according to a Parks Canada news release issued Friday.

The issues include funding, a final design and an agreement on the structuring of the funding for construction and maintenance, Parks Canada said.

“Parks Canada will no longer be working towards the realization of the memorial in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. As a result, the project will not be moving forward on Parks Canada land,” the news release said.

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