HMCS Shearwater.

hmcs shearwaterI’m attaching an interesting video of the Royal Canadian Naval Air Base HMCS Shearwater. Watching this video brought back some good memories. As a young sailor leaving Donegal Quay Belfast on the steamer for Liverpool in the early 1950’s I recall seeing the sad and lonely hulk of an bonnie2aircraft carrier at the docks. The carrier was under construction when the war ended in 1945, but was never completed. Then in 1958 the RCN purchased it and modernized it by adding a modern angled flight deck. She was named HMCS Bonaventure and served in the RCN until 1970. My other memory of Shearwater was the canteen on a Sunday afternoon. They had a very interesting pop machine, it dispensed quart bottles of Moosehead at 75 cents a pop. The Shearwater canteen was a very popular Sunday destination for members of the 6th Canadian Submarine Squadron. Halifax/Dartmouth was dry on Sundays back then, the bars and clubs were closed. Thank goodness for the Naval Air Base technicians that so ingeniously adapted that amazing pop machine. I looked carefully at the video of the museum, but alas no sign of the pop machine, what a shame to have lost that historic piece of 1960’s technology. Its also important to remember even though popular with submariners, the Base specialized in anti submarine warfare!!!!

God Bless and keep reading.


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3 Responses to HMCS Shearwater.

  1. Neville PEARSON says:

    HI Ben,
    The other Sunday pm haunt was the Morris Lodge where by purchasing an Egg Salad sandwich you could drink as much Chateau Gai wine as you wished. Memories

  2. Neville Pearson says:

    Another memory was when we returned from fuelling at Shearwater in 1961, back to Jetty V. the Skipper, O.B.SHARP, forgot to lower the periscope and Bonnie was tied up at Jetty IV which resulted in us having a bent Gadget. It was just before Christmas and our Christmas Cards had been printed and I sent them out with a penned in BENT SCOPE. Almost got in deep do do for that. The video of Shearwater does not appear to be working on your post.

  3. irishroverpei says:

    Not sure what happened to the video, it was working, perhaps they took it down?

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