One Who Truly Cares

Fund Raising for Wendy and her Trip to Toronto for double lung transplant

This is a quote from my daughter Susannah (AKA Budge)

After 9 hours and twelve minutes today starting at 530am, going to work and getting back on, 272 kms is what I got today. Back at er tomorrow folks!

I’m not fully up to date on the plan, but basically Budge along with a host of friends are cycling to Toronto in a virtual journey to raise funds for her friend Wendy. Wendy is going to Toronto at the end of March 2016 to have a double lung transplant. Her  husband and son have to be there with her while she is in surgery and during the long  recovery. This will be an extremely difficult and expensive time for them, and while prayers are good they are not enough. The family will need a lot of money to cover all the known and unexpected expenses they will encounter. This is the purpose of the virtual cycle campaign, to raise money. If any one reading my blog would like to donate please use CIBC (details below)or contact me and I will arrange to have your donation collected.

The CIBC account “Wendy’s PH Journey” is now up and running! Donations can be made at any CIBC location using that account name. We also have the account registered for e-transfers so any donations can be emailed to and they will be deposited directly into the donation account.

To anyone not familiar with PH (Pulmonary Hypertension) it is a rare and devastating disease. You can find more in depth details on-line if you wish, but suffice to say it is a diagnoses no one wants to hear.

Please consider my plea, every dollar helps,

wendy and family.God Bless and keep reading.

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