HST and Health Care

I guess we learn something new every day, but I think this takes the cake. I have attended foot care clinics in a variety of places from Charlottetown to Wellington to Summerside and until 25th February 2016 I have never been charged HST. The cost of my foot care has varied over the years, $18 $20 $25 $30 and was mostly carried out by an RN sometimes a retired nurse. I’m sure Sonny Gallant my local MLA is correct, he should know. However, there is a huge gap between his income and that of a senior citizen. When I registered with the Diabetic Association one of the first things I was advised was the care of my feet. Surely that is health care and yet the Liberal Government feel justified to tax it.  In my opinion it is offensive considering the money the Liberals have squandered, wasted and diverted to their questionable schemes. I have posted the two letters below for your info. about-the-premierCaudillo goneAlso photos of a smiling trio of uncaring and untransparent politicians past and present. They need to walk a mile in a pair of seniors shoes for a while.
 Reply from MLA Sonny Gallant
Hi Ben:  Further to your inquiry the service of foot care has always been taxed. It just happened that Ms. St-Onge Cornish became a HST registrant due to an increase in her business.   Prior to 2016 she was not able to collect tax.
 I appreciate your concern as I too have diabetes and see Ms. St-Onge Cornish for foot care. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.
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Good Morning Mr Gallant

I have a serious concern about a service item that has suddenly become subject to HST. For the last two years I attended a foot care clinic at the Chez Nous, however in the fall of 2015 the home changed the contract for foot care. On the advice of the new foot care professional Stephanie St-Onge Cornish I decided to attend her office in SSide rather than at Chez Nous. The price for this service was increased substantially but was also a much better service. The fees as laid out were $50 for a one hour treatment and $30 for a half hour treatment, I usually require only the half hour service. I attended her office yesterday 25th February 2016, on completion of my foot care I offered the usual $30 payment but was informed I now had to also pay the HST??? I view foot care as an essential part of my overall health care. As a diabetic and in the management of this disease foot care is a most important aspect. Why has the government suddenly and apparently without giving the public notice, added to an already over burdened cost to senior citizens, I assume others beside myself are now paying this tax. Directly or indirectly this surely falls under the mantel of health care and should be exempt from HST. I look forward to your response.

God Bless and keep reading.

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