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The First Signs of Spring

As the first signs of spring appear a young man’s thoughts turn to romance and love. Unfortunately I’m not one of those young men anymore??and my thoughts turn to removing snow tires and clearing away the winter debris from the … Continue reading

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The Opposition is AWOL

Where is the opposition???why are we not hearing them loud and clear on the issues of E gaming, the Auditor Generals report,and the weak excuses of, “can’t discuss that subject because its before the courts. To date Jamie Fox has … Continue reading

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My Ireland One Hundred Years Later. I have copied and pasted a very moving moment in Irish History and I wondered if it would work on my blog. Unfortunately it doesn’t, at least not for me, perhaps someone smarter can make it work. I have … Continue reading

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Three Stooges!!! Libby-Mac and Doorknob

It is any wonder Islanders are concerned about the looming increase of HST, the rising Electric costs, lack of jobs,  lack of doctors and health care, E gaming and PNP’s.  We do indeed have enough worries and unanswered questions right … Continue reading

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There will Always be an England????

A shipmate sent me an email with a poem sent to him by another shipmate living in Spain. At the end of the poem it said if you are English please share. Well, I’m actually Irish but decided to share … Continue reading

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The Guardian Picks Only what they think Suitable

It is well known the Guardian Newspaper is a Liberal Rag, they are picky about writing nasty things about our Liberal Government. Of the many letters I send into Letter to the Editor it is rare one is published without … Continue reading

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An Amazing Blog for Good Friday 2016

Wish I could claim this blog as my own thoughts and writings but they are not. This blog was penned by my good friend Robby, an author in his own right and fellow veteran.  I don’t think he will mind … Continue reading

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Where Did This Young Sailor Go???

Its a fact that as we grow older, slower, stiffer,and lose most of our teeth and hair, our mind remains young. As the body ages it regularly fails to live up to the expectations of the mind. We make silly … Continue reading

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Planting Trees around Schools

It is hard to argue when Greg Donald(Potato Board GM) claims the Potato board are not creating a stunt by saying they will plant trees around schools!!!Planting trees is never a bad thing, and no one would argue otherwise. However, … Continue reading

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Interesting Old Sayings I have been trying to make sense out of the Fiat Chrysler Corp advertizing campaign for the Dodge truck. When promoting the truck they claim the following using a deep tough sounding guys voice, “Guts-Glory-Ram”. But all … Continue reading

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