Plan B Re-Visited

plan B 3If this recent article from “Red Like Me” is to be believed it surely opens up a whole new can of Liberal worms. A believable story that features the MacLauchlan family under a bright light from the days of liberal favour’s to Harry to the present day King Wade?. I do indeed recall some mention of Ghiz busing in a load for supporters for the leadership vote.

Plan B; Using Motor Buses

Just before the Liberal leadership convention, Robert Ghiz, Bill Dow and Eric Maclauchlan brewed up a little plan B of their own, they wanted to cinch the leadership of the Party for Ghiz. Trailing badly behind Alan Buchanan the rich boys decided to bring in the buses.

The Bus plan was pretty simple, rent a couple of luxury buses and fill them up with booze, drugs and schmooze. The Brighton boys rounded up a couple bus loads of youth to party all day and drop by the Convention to vote for Ghiz. Ghiz stole the vote and Buchanan knows it, just ask him.

Plan B; Using Bulldozers

The Plan B using bulldozers was devised by Ghiz as a way to show some ‘honest’ appreciation to Eric Maclauchlan for paying for all the buses and partying that day. The Plan B highway project was a way to bulldoze a 30 million dollar road work contract from Ghiz, as the Premier, to buddy Eric Maclauchlan.

Plan B; Using A Boat

Everyone has a Plan B to someday somehow get themselves a luxury yacht, give it some smart ass name like ‘Time Out’, or ‘Time Off’. Being want and desire of a luxury boat is much the mark of a common man, rich and confused Brighton boy Eric Maclauchlan is no different.  Having made so many millions off the buses and bulldozing, confused Eric named his yacht ‘Plan B’. Funny eh?about-the-premierCaudillo gone

.Interesting story indeed, and whether true or not this really emphasizes the need for electoral reform on Prince Edward Island. It emphasizes the need to end this plundering of the Tax payers purse by both party’s Liberals and Conservatives Please think Proportional Representation, do not allow Wade MacLauchlan to advise you otherwise.

God Bless and keep reading

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