Follow up to today’s blog Wednesday 2nd March 2016


A Reminder of Proportional Presentation.

The Burning of the German Reichstag!!!

I received some feedback to my most recent blog, maybe there is confusion or misunderstanding about my comments regarding  the burning of Province House. I was making a sarcastic retort to David Bulger’s letter to the editor dated 20th May 2015.  In which he claimed Hitler came to power on a similar electoral system to Proportional Representation??? Was he suggesting that Brown Shirts were nice guys just promoting the Nazi party??? Give me a break, PR was not even close to how Hitler came to power, it was done through lies, deception, fear, mayhem and the worse kind of religious persecution. For Mr Bulger to suggest that to bring in a PR system here on PEI is likened to how Nazis gained power in 1932 is ludicrous.


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