The Royal Canadian Legion Today— Continued

ww2medalslegionI received an amazing amount of hits regarding yesterday’s blog about the Legions and the need for change. Of the great support I received I wanted to post one particular letter of interest. It poses the Legion executive as a comparison to Governments, National and Provincially.  Interestingly the most well used and popular word used by today’s politicians came up in this letter ‘TRANSPARENCY”. It seems the legion executive is about as transparent as our politicians. Read the letter below.

You have had some nasty experiences from a Royal Canadian Legion that would deny entry to a Legion Branch by a uniformed military member. This was not a reason for the Legion to exist and they have corrected this practice. I also served (36 years in a Regular Force Uniform) and I am a seven year member of the Royal Canadian Legion – am a Past President (three years). The Legion has issues – they will not release information about Executive salaries and benefits.

Instead of transparency, we have more secrecy, and instead of accountability, we are told that there will be no accountability. The 1400 Branches and the failing membership are a concern. I am a veteran and I think that Branch #245 speaks well for Veterans. I am very appreciative of the volunteers who have made our Branch work – veterans and like minded folks. I have great concerns about the Royal Canadian Legion and its future as a national influence. The Legion needs to look hard at how they are organized and how they are structured. The organization they have today is doomed and will fail because of the dreaded “overhead”.

This letter speaks volumes about the command structure of the legion today. It seems we have a two tier system, the Old Boys Club and the rest of the membership. Keep the letters coming in and keep up the pressure, its our Legion too and we need to take back control.

God Bless and keep reading.


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