Ninety year Law out of date!!! where did I get that idea?

I could not possibly pass this up, If you have been following my struggle to have the wearing of medals law changed then you must read this. In particular read the comments made by Bob Butt Director of Communications for Dominion Command. He goes on to say “until we get a RESOLUTION through the (Legion Internal) that passes at Dominion we are not mandated to take action!!!! DUH  Why am I thinking someone is sitting on the fence???legionI have had a resolution ready for almost two years but can’t get it past Provincial Command. So how does dominion Command get a resolution under these circumstances????Does anyone else see the problem here?????????

Rose-Martland says there is resistance from groups like the Royal Canadian Legion, Canada’s largest veterans group, which has more that passes than 500,000 members.

Today that number is less than 300,000 of which approximately one third are actual veterans.


“I don’t know where somebody got the idea that we’re against [people wearing their relatives’ war medals] – all we’re doing is obeying the law,” says Bob Butt, director of communications for the Dominion Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.

“Until we get a resolution through the [legion’s internal] resolution process that passes dominion convention, the legion is not mandated to do anything about the law. Until we’re mandated, we don’t take any action.”

The number of people who are actually prosecuted for this offence is exceedingly low.

According to Justice Canada, there were no charges for 2009-10, the last year for which it has statistical data. In 2008-09, there were four charges, all of which were eventually stayed or withdrawn; in 2007-08, there were eight charges, two of which led to convictions and six either stayed or withdrawn.

“Although it is unlikely a widow would be charged with an offence for wearing her late husband’s medals, it is up to provincial Crowns to make decisions about charges,” Carole Saindon, a media relations officer at the Canadian Department of Justice, said in an email. “Such determinations require consideration of whether this would be in the public interest.”

Rose-Martland says he doesn’t personally know of anyone who has been punished for this offence, but he has heard from families that have been reprimanded by other veterans.

“I have spoken to civilians who have worn the medals at remembrance ceremonies and so on, and they’ve gotten grief from people present who were legion members, and were told basically to take [the medals] off or complaints would be filed with the nearest police force,” he says.

Ultimately, Rose-Martland is concerned that this old law stands in the way of giving veterans their proper due.

“We’re coming up on a hundred years past the end of World War I. We don’t have any Great War veterans left, the World War II veterans are passing, and within a few years we’re going to have a large amount of medals that were awarded to Canadians, including the Victoria Cross, that no one can display,” he says.

“When the family members can’t display them, they sit in people’s houses, and nobody gets to see them and gets to learn that aspect of our history.”

This really sums up what I have been saying for the last two years, unfortunately no one wants to listen. But of course they (Bob Butt) don’t know where somebody got the idea that we’re against [people wearing their relatives’ war medals]

God Bless and keep reading


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