Medal Protocols Reflect Majority??????????

legionThis was the headline in a letter responding to my Guest Opinion piece on 8th March 2016. Mr Allan Callard states, I lament the Legions Refusal to budge. He contends the current protocol on who may lawfully wear medals is proper. I have no issue with his right to that opinion. However, I do take issue with the unsubstantiated claims he goes on to make. The majority of legion members agree with the law. He then ads “I dare to say also the general public agree”!!! Where are the statistics to validate such claims??? To the best of my knowledge the legion has not in recent years conducted a survey on this issue.  However, to claim the majority of the general public also agree, Mr Callard must have a vastly greater source of knowledge than most.  He chooses to avoid confronting the one issue I have raised by stating,  if you didn’t earn the medal you can’t wear it. He clearly believes and indeed contends that the majority of Canadians also believe,  that should a mother/widow wear their late loved ones medals(on the right breast) to a Remembrance day service they should be arrested and prosecuted, He is correct in saying I lament, I do indeed lament with passion and grief over such a unnecessary section of this law. Nevertheless,I’m beginning to wonder if my efforts are worth my time. It seems I’m constantly face with a group of obstinate and narrow minded individuals who believe they own and run the legion. One has to wonder if this is an organization that I really want to be a member of.

God Bless and keep reading

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