Letter from a WW2 Veteran

I will let my readers judge for themselves as to whether this letter could not be better said?. While I can agree with some of his sentiments I think he has over simplified the issue. There were refugees all through the Second World War, not everyone could fight not everyone was capable of fighting. However, countries did not always open their doors, accepting refugees was not in many ways a lot different from today. Many fleeing refugees were turned back at the borders and ports. I agree the wealthy and stable nations of the Middle East seem to be sitting back and watching while the West struggle to handle the chaos.  I agree that the situation in the UK is not good. Muslim refugees and immigrants appear to demand their laws-traditions and way of life should be restored to them regardless of the laws of the land. If they wish to have a better life then they must assimilate in to the society of their adopted nation. Be grateful for the shelter provided and adapt to a new way of life, a way of life that is surely better than the one they ran from. No one has all the answers but surely it is or should be human nature to help those in distress and danger.  It must be our duty to help those in need, the hungry and sick, the homeless and helpless. Those are my views, although living on Prince Edward Island I’m far removed from the situations in Europe, I have little concept of the difficulties in places like Germany, France and England.More on the Belfast BlitzMore on the Belfast Blitz
Vancouver WWII Vet’s letter

          WOW – This guy nails it!

A true soldier…

An interesting letter to the editor of the Vancouver Sun from a WWII veteran. 

From the Vancouver Sun Newspaper.  
Another point of view! 

Having missed a lot of school due to the Second World War, my
Writing skills may not be articulate but I find the anger over the recent
Refugee situation a little too much. At 16 I became a soldier and at 17 in
Burma fighting the Japanese. Why was that necessary? Well, for starters to defend India and anywhere else the Japanese decided to invade. My comrades back home in England were defending Britain. What would have happened if we all decided to instead become refugees and abandon our country allowing the Germans and Japanese to take what they wanted? 

Seems to me a vast majority of Middle Easterners have no desire to defend their places of birth and instead expect the Western world to feed,
Clothe shelter and totally take care of them until they organize themselves to then start their demands. 
That’s not even mentioning their misguided belief to a right of settling wherever they wish. Great Britain has more problems today and is unrecognizable from the beautiful, peaceful country it once was before the Muslim influx and the aggressive demands for change to their ways. Here, of course, we have political parties looking to increase their own voter support ready to take in more (NDP 10,000 Liberals 25,000) without any thought to consequences down the road. 
America gave Syrians weapons and vehicles to defend their land and
Look what happened. One shot was fired and they quickly dropped those
Weapons, abandoned the vehicles and ran. It seems they expect the Western world to fight their wars as well! 
I’m almost 90, but wouldn’t hesitate to pick up arms and fight for
My home, Canada. I wouldn’t run away and cause chaos to other countries. 
Suggestion – Able bodied refugees should only be admitted if willing to
Sign up with our armed forces and sent back to the troubled areas from which they came.  If not, we don’t want them.
God Bless and keepreading


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