Planting Trees around Schools

sharonplan Bplan B 3It is hard to argue when Greg Donald(Potato Board GM) claims the Potato board are not creating a stunt by saying they will plant trees around schools!!!Planting trees is never a bad thing, and no one would argue otherwise. However, he rather blows his argument out of the water when he claims it is only Earth Action opposed to his plan. He claims he is working with the Provincial Environment dept(they approved Plan B) and the PEI Watershed alliance. He further mentions the buffer zones and tells about trees creating wildlife habitat and enhancing green space.  Heck! he almost sounds like a modern day Robin Hood rebuilding Sherwood Forest. Yet remain the huge bare tracts of land devoid of top soil awaiting the industrial tractors and plows to replant more potatoes and then spray them with poison chemicals. You can claim what you like Mr Donald, but be very sure many more people are against you than just Earth Action. As for the Provincial Environment Dept have a look at the before and after photos of Plan B.

God Bless and keep reading.


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