The Guardian Picks Only what they think Suitable

about-the-premierIt is well known the Guardian Newspaper is a Liberal Rag, they are picky about writing nasty things about our Liberal Government. Of the many letters I send into Letter to the Editor it is rare one is published without some editing. By this I don’t mean they correct spelling and badly worded pieces, they leave out whole sections. On 17th March I sent in a letter about the premier, to date it has not been published, I wonder why! it is reasonably well written and explains my point of view without being offensive, and I’m fairly sure the spelling is okay.  I will add it below for your info.

Wade MacLauchlan is again challenging islanders to share their success stories with other islanders as a first step in improving our economy. The premier says everything starts with a narrative of who we are and what we can deliver. So Premier here is my narrative for you. Start by telling islanders about the handouts, the patronage appointments, the loan write offs, the misspent monies from Ottawa.  Then follow up with what the Ghiz government did with the 29 million that was for the 2014 celebrations? celebrations that were over spent by almost 3 million . It would be nice to know on what and where and to whom that large sum of money went??? How about the E gaming scheme, another 1 million dollars down the drain. Should I ask you about the vast sums of PNP monies that have mysteriously disappeared? You must understand, islanders can only do so much if your Provincial government remains silent and secretive on all the above. One good suggestion I can offer is to be Transparent, I’m sure you know what it means, after all, you mentioned it so many times during your election campaign.

Respectfully submitted  F.Ben Rodgers. Abram Village PE

God Bless and keep reading

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