Three Stooges!!! Libby-Mac and Doorknob

It is any wonder Islanders are concerned about the looming increase of HST, the rising Electric costs, lack of jobs,  lack of doctors and health care, E gaming and PNP’s.  We do indeed have enough worries and unanswered questions right on our own doorstep.  However, we have well paid government members representating us,  the question is, are they really working for us, are they actually earning their keep looking after our interests. You be the judge  ????  Allow me to present three government representatives from the Rural and beautiful pastoral countryside of PEI. Consider the ever so important work they think they are doing, then decide it you think these are the reasons they were elected.


(1 ) Malpeque MP Wayne Easter has tabled a private member’s bill called “An Act to Recognize Charlottetown as the Birthplace of Confederation.” Comparing himself to a door knob,( good description) PEI MP Wayne Easter a mouthpiece, of the Liberal ‘Party’. He is a party hack hick and causes great embarrassment for educated Islanders across Canada.  But honestly folks!!! a door knob, is this why he earns the big bucks.



(2)  Senator Hubley was involved in Aquaculture Development Assesment Internationally on behalf of the Senate of Canada. Misplaced skill sets were obvious, Hubley fell off a dock in Norway and broke her arm, she would not know the difference between a salmon and a cod. She recently proposed Canada have a National Fiddling dayhubley




(3)  Meanwhile, MP Lawrence MacAulay took credit again for saving a Ferry service which was never in jeopardy. .mccauly

Lawrence MacAulay is a great example of ‘Party’ hacks being handed tremendous responsibility they could never manage in the interests of Canada.  “I see no reason not to sign it”,  MacAulay said in support of the biggest and most far reaching Trade Pact, the TPP.  It is a six thousand page document which MacAualy will never read.

MacAulay claims he is Pro-Life but the Sunny Ways hacks like Gerald Butts yanked his chain pretty quick. MacAulay quickly cowered, got his meeting kicked out of a Church Hall and agreed he will vote what ever way Sunny Ways Trudeau tells him.


Three grossly over paid stooges deciding what things are important for our futures. Then there was Duffy, but I didn’t use him because he’d have spoiled my heading, can’t have four stooges, right. Are you still unconcerned????

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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