The Opposition is AWOL

jamie-foxWhere is the opposition???why are we not hearing them loud and clear on the issues of E gaming, the Auditor Generals report,and the weak excuses of, “can’t discuss that subject because its before the courts. To date Jamie Fox has been all but mute on the Ghiz Scandal and the huge sums of money paid out to lawyers. No one in the opposition is asking about these important issues. I have heard more about the Stanley Bridge roundabout than E gaming. Certainly the opposition have stopped asking about the PNP payments. How about Olive Crane and Hal Perry, Oh! sorry I forgot they aren’t with the Conservative party now are they. Good ole Boy Hal sits across the floor and Olive has a plum job provided by King Wade. I’m also disappointed in Peter Bevan Baker, I realize he is a lone voice as Green Party leader. Nevertheless, he also has not tried to stir the muddy Liberal waters. Its as if the opposition have gone Absent without Leave (AWOL) . Heck we have not even heard Fox comment on electoral reform? Its as if we do not have an opposition at all. All we hear are a few comments about infrastructure and budgets but with no real intent to embarrass the government. Al Roach was caught in a lie, nobody in opposition really got upset and it was quickly dropped. Even I can’t remember what he lied about?

“Its before the courts”  is not an acceptable excuse and a weak opposition are failing to ask simple follow up questions like, “Says Who”, or “On what grounds do you assert that your answers have any bearing on independent courts, Judiciary and the Auditor General”?

For past Leader of the PEI Conservative Party Olive Crane and her partner in Mutiny, Hal Perry, things have worked out well by joining the Liberals. Crane has an appointment doing nothing while Perry has an appointment doing as he is told. The rest of the Conservatives cannot really figure out who they are or who they represent. They have failed miserably as an opposition. We are still waiting to hear where the 950,000 dollars went?

These are my views on the opposition or the lack there of.

God Bless and keep reading


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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