Smart Enough to be a Politician

mccaulyeaster-the-door-knobabout-the-premierWhen I was a young boy growing up in Belfast Ireland in the 1950’s I truly believed to be a member of government, a mayor or a city Councillor one had to be really intelligent and smart. Its funny how ones perception changes with age. Indeed a change of perception is sometimes accelerated when one becomes aware of silly Provincial and Municipal shenanigans. Lets take the City of Charlottetown and the hiring of Peter Kelly as CAO for the city, was that smart?. Why do I think a 27% pay increases for the mayor and Councillors might have had something to do with this hiring. Didn’t Mr Kelly recommend the pay raises in the first place??? How about our Premier, the King Wade,  just today stated he is going to bring back young islanders who have moved off island for jobs. . He even stated the number of young people he intends to bring home, 10,000. Wow!! he must be really smart, I couldn’t imagine talking either one of my daughters into returning here to work. Take Susannah my youngest, she came home from BC after finishing University in the 1990’s, She had a BSc and a MEd, she is also bilingual. She applied to the Eastern School Board and was told she couldn’t teach on PEI without a BEd.  She had to go back to UPEI for two years to get a BEd, the Bsc and MEd didn’t qualify her to teach on PEI. Once she qualified with an island BEd she couldn’t get a teaching position anywhere on the island. Unless one knows someone in government forget finding a job here, politicians are too busy appointing friends to patronage jobs.  So after a year or so filling in here and there in temp teaching jobs plus a bit of tutoring she moved to Newfoundland. She taught there for a few years and now is the Central Regional NFLD School Board director of food and fitness in the classrooms. So Premier Wade good luck with your 10,000 repatriated young islanders. Heck,I’m not all that smart, but even I can see that all that concerns you is the aging population and your dwindling tax base!!!!!. Time to change the electoral system on PEI, no more FPTP.

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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