Suicides In Attawaspikat

canada_flagI’m certainly no expert when it comes to the issues of the First nation People and I know very little of their history. However, something is seriously wrong when so many young people take their own lives. No clean water and substandard housing may be a major problem but I don’t believe it is the defining issue of their recent troubles. It appears ongoing governments have done little more than pay lip service to the First Nations. They have provided funds to the reservations, but as I understand it one must remain on the reservation to receive the benefits?. Governments have made apologies, (more lip service), and it is now politically incorrect to refer to then as INJUNS, they are first nation people!  What I don’t understand is what these people are expected to do in their remote and isolated villages. There is no work for them, no motivation to better themselves and  seemingly no way to escape. I do know the original Indian nations were a proud people who looked after the land. They did not waste their natural resources or kill animals merely for the sport of it. I suppose Hollywood must take part of the blame, they filmed them as mindless savages who killed the nice white folks for no good reasons. Yet very little of their history is talked about in a positive light, growing up in Ireland I believed the Indians had been wiped out by the US Cavalry. We have created a very unpleasant and distorted image of Canada’s First Nations. That needs to change, pride in ones self is important, pride in ones heritage is important and I see those things as missing parts. Rather than first nations they are first Canadians and we the johnny’s come lately. It is long passed the time for paying lip service, it is time to restore their pride,heritage and above all their reason to exist. Some food for thought on this cloudy Monday morning.

God Bless and keep reading


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2 Responses to Suicides In Attawaspikat

  1. Francis says:

    I agree with you on negligence and was never very aware of it when I lived in Canada. After moving to México was when I first became more aware of the Indigenous existence here. So what happens? I automatically think of third world bad government, corruption, neglect, etc. With this, the poorest of the poor will never be reached. To learn that such a situation exists in a country like Canada, my country, makes me feel more than disappointment and shame.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Out of sight out of mind, Shamefull

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