Budget Bullsh-t or Fudget Budget

Caudillo gonethree amogosOne could say this latest Liberal budget came straight from the horse’s as- oops mouth. Just like the Ghiz government before him who made no mention of bringing in the HST. The Maclauchlan government promised during the last election campaign, which was just one year ago, not to raise taxes
“The Premier and his party were crystal clear during the last election that they would balance the budget and that they would not raise taxes, fees or levies. Both of those promises were broken yesterday.about-the-premier

The MacLauchlan Government also claimed recently that the economy is doing great. However, if that is true then why are they raising the HST?”

In the simple math that I learned many years ago it would seem there is something wrong with the way government apply math these days. Not so long ago the Liberal Government Loaned the Homberg Corp close to $40 million. Then just the other day they told us they need to increase the HST to balance the budget in 2017. The HST increase will raise an additional $33 million over the next eighteen months. Surely if they had not loaned the $40 million in the first place we would not need to raise this $33 million now.
I think the truth of the matter is that we shouldn’t believe anything MacLauchlan tells us. Next election folks that is something we need to remember, ——–Promises Promises eh!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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