Duffy not Guilty??????????

duffy-620x348Duffy has been found not guilty, so justice has been done and that is an end to it. The happy Senator will strut back into the Red Chamber with his head held high. It makes me ask the question do we have two sets of laws in Canada, one for politicians and one for everyone else? Why was Harper not charged, why was Wright not charged because according to the judge in the Duffy trial they both broke the law. Then lets look at the decision that decided Duffy is a resident of PEI?????? To the best of my knowledge he has and still lives in Ottawa, and has done so for the last forty years. Anyone remember him speaking on CBC Compass and telling us how he would never cheat on Islanders. He claimed he lived in Cavendish in the summer and wintered in Charlottetown at the George Street hotel! He need for medical reasons to be near the hospital. Do you recall how he attempted to speed up getting a PE Health card and driver license. What about the Donahue slush fund set up to pay for such items as Gym and make up costs. I don’t know about you, but from my perspective this whole affair has an unpleasant odor to it. One could wonder if any one of us would get off so lightly if we attempted to defraud the Canadian Tax Payers. So what is coming next? will he now sue the Government/Conservative party for treating him like a criminal!!! and if he does, will we the tax payers foot the bill again. It makes me sick to listen to the excuses offered not just by Duffy but most politicians in general. Now they are pledging to reform the Senate, not good enough it should be abolished. Indeed we need far tighter controls on the spending of our MP’s Senators and Provincial members. Why do you think the whole nation is in a massive deficit, its certainly not because we have so many cleaver and astute parliamentarians. Still the old Duffster is happy the judge put a big smile on his face!!!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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4 Responses to Duffy not Guilty??????????

  1. Neville PEARSON says:

    Justice is still blindfolded!!!!

  2. baconburner says:

    My Dear Amigo, this is what makes us truly Canadian. We may differ in opinion of some matters and still retain a friendship. I for one truly believe that the Harper PMO and others conspired to make Mike Duffy look like a liar and cheat….Whereas in the Judges point by point ruling he was convinced that Mike at no time tried to profit from the Senate. A man who was led down the proverbial path by those who he had placed his trust in. I certainly pray that the effects of the past 3 years do not impact on Mike’s health. A proud Islander, and Proud Canadian;

    From the Comments page in the Guardian.
    Robby McRobb April 22, 2016 – 06:27
    I for one as a former resident of PEI, am very PROUD to know Mike Duffy. It is amazing how small the Islander minds can be. Mike did more for PEI and Canada than all the LIBERAL Hacks in the PEI Legislature. Yes Mike will carry the load when he returns (TRIUMPHANTLY) I hope to his rightful seat in the Senate. Mike’s health has been severely damaged with stress and worry over that WITCH HUNT. Now is the time for the RCMP to charge Harper/Wright and gang of the PMO with wasting police time and resources. Mike Duffy is in deed a fine Canadian. Thank the LORD that Justice Vaillancourt saw through the Harper deceptions.
    A.Robby McRobb
    Veteran and Proud Canadian

    Take care and chase up those Liberal Hacks who are defrauding the people of PEI.

  3. irishroverpei says:

    while I don’t disagree that the Harper/wright gang caused much of Duffy’s problems, I can’t agree that Duffy in guiltless. I listened to him on CBC Compass proclaim with all sincerity that he would never lie or cheat Islanders. He claimed he paid back the money from a his bank with a loan. He claimed he did live on PEI, but like many rural islanders he moved into town in the winter. He told us he stayed at the George St Hotel and that Kevin Murphy ( Liberal hack) made the place a home away from home. He may have been thrown under the bus by Harper, but nevertheless he chose to lie to islanders, and that is a personal decision, no one can make you lie. The judge may have found him not guilty but I doubt the majority of islanders have.
    On another subject. The Island Literary Awards for fiction, my book did not even make the short list? Maybe sour grapes, but I sometimes wonder who judges and makes these decisions in the land of patronage.

  4. Neville PEARSON says:

    Sowing and reaping is still in effect, Whichever side you are on “and that only shall they reap”

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