Serious Questions to the Legion.

I would be quick to point out that local Legion branches do a lot of good work within their communities. We support local projects, schools, sport, charity and much more. The Leadership at both Provincial and Dominion Command doing the same is very questionable. My personal experience is mainly with Provincial Command,although I have made several attempted to air my issues at Dominion but my emails are mostly ignored. At Provincial Command there is no discussion they make the decision and that is an end to it.The are very quick to run roughshod over ordinary members denying them a say in the running of the Legions. Not all members wish to be involved at the command levels, however we trust the members that are,  do not become so self important that the rest of us are just expected to be quiet and do as they tell us.

Below I`m attaching a letter from a fellow veteran and blogger, its very interesting and goes right to the heart of the problems that appears to exist within the leadership hierarchy.


The longest continual battle of WW2, was the Battle of the lawrence weldonAtlantic.

Serving Members and Veterans of the Navy paraded across Canada to pay their respects to the thousands of Canadian Sailors who died in this battle.

Once again in my opinion the Royal Canadian Legion let down a 90 year old Veteran.

Lawrence Weldon  Who at 18  years of age was a stoker on board HMCS Port Hope a Mine sweeper. As they say a wooden boat with men of Iron. Faced 3 years of a very hard life in the Stormy North Atlantic.

This past week, this  90 year old Veteran  was taken from his home in Ontario, to be part of  the Battle of the Atlantic ceremony in Halifax. He also witnessed the scattering of the ashes of his shipmate being scattered over the Atlantic.

Who picked up the Bill?   to take this man and a few family members to this ceremony…. The Royal Canadian Legion one would think. NO it was Wish of a Lifetime  a senior’s charity. A Civilian group who do amazing charitable work for the elderly.

Surely Dominion Command President Tom Eagles a non service Veteran. Who spent his life working in one safe spot with Public Works. The Legion should have been on top of this. To realise that a WW2 Veteran of this historical Conflict was alive and ready to salute his brother’s in Arms.

I am very disappointed in the fact that the Legion does not listen to actual Veterans. Also the fact that they do not publish the outrageous wages this Public Works retiree receives.

I do realise that the Legion is rife with a lot of execs that simply do not care about the Veterans for which the Legion was founded.

In Canada, Dominion Command has repeatedly refused to hear from a RN/RCN veteran with regard to family members wearing the medals of deceased Veterans on Remembrance Day. CANADA is the only country within the Commonwealth that does not allow this.

This is the PUBLIC Biography of the Current Dominion President Tom Eagles a Non Veteran

I am willing to bet that the grass roots level of the Royal Canadian Legion did not know that their Overall Commander so to speak is a Non Veteran drawing a salary from Veterans who pay  their $ $ membership dues BUT paid with postings to dangerous areas of the world. So to the Command Executive PUBLISH your wages as requested

Here in the UK home of the Royal Scottish Legion and Royal British Legion the wage is published annually.,12406,1042677,00.html

There endeth my Monday Rant re: The Royal Canadian Legio

Think Robby has hit the nail in the head, The Royal Canadian Legion doesn’t need change, it needs immediate and radical change before it disappears forever. In recent times I have seen local branches fail because a member has pilfered funds and plunged the branch into oblivion. Is this what is taking place at the top??? I was not aware that some members received a salary for doing legion work(branch managers excepted)I thought we were all volunteers.

God Bless and keep reading.



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