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legionww2medalsOn the subject of who may wear a medal to a Remembrance Day ceremony. I recently posted an article about Charlotte Susan Wood the first Silver Cross Mother. In the photo you can see she is wearing her late sons medals on her right breast. That is against the law see section 419 of the Canadian criminal code. This is a policy I have been fighting against for several years. However,no one at Provincial or Dominion Commands will listen, they clearly think they know best.Silver Cross Mother

This is a positive response from a fellow veteran and legion member.

No one understands the Army, Navy and Airforce, i.e. the Military or the Armed Forces like a member or Veteran of the aforementioned units, it is incomprehensible that the powers that be are still stuck in the traditions of the 19th Century when the Legion was formed in the 20th Century and the wars they represent were waged in the 20th also. Get with it Dominion Command, stop looking after your own interests, as has always been the case of any authoritarian, let the proud members of families carry on with the proud memories of the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom. Listen to the majority of the Membership not the rule makers. As a Past President of RCL Branch, I am speaking from experience and not running off at the mouth. Once again “GET WITH IT” of get out. PLEASE.

legion_committee_20140306A second comment regarding the Legion from a Village of Rustico PE citizen.

I see a lot of those points clearly, now, after reading your posted articles. I don’t believe I have ever considered what the legion was about when growing up. I wonder if they ever showed or proved what they were about. It could be my unawareness. Did they fulfill “to see the maintenance and comfort of those require special treatment: the disabled the sick aged and needy.” I was born in 1948 and well remember the 50s and 60s as growing up in poverty.Why can’t I recall ever getting help from the Legion. My father was a veteran. Maybe there was help but it was kept hidden. But why was I so aware, then, of getting help from the Fishermen’s Union who seemingly could give loans to get enough groceries for the week – loans, not grants. The loans were needed because of the very poor fishing catches. From reading these postings it is easy to see where the Legion has failed from a long time ago and seemingly kept going downhill ever since. From way back “it largely flouts its legacy of respectability by serving as a local social club and drinking establishment.” Even from my very young years this is what I saw – not much more. I thought they, at least, deserved to have a place they called their own but have not been witness to what they were really meant to fulfill. I’m not saying I’m right, I’m talking about my awareness. But, if articles like these are being written today then I am more right than wrong.

Thank you Francis, I appreciate your thoughts and comments

God Bless and keep reading


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