What a Premiership Season

footballarsenal pennentWow!!! what an up and down season, who would have believed at the start of August last year Leicester City would win the Premiership title. Probably no one but perhaps a few Leicester City wishful thinking fans. All through the season little Leicester City stay in the top four, the football experts continually made comments they would soon drop down the table. Leicester City win the title??   Nah it couldn’t happen. But it did, they are the Champions and title winners. What happened to the big guns racing for this coveted title? Chelsea, last years winners were in many fans minds the favourites to win it again. Egads!!! Chelsea were hopeless and ended up somewhere in the middle of the table..  Arsenal started to look like this was their year and they were on top for several weeks. However, after the Christmas break the wheels came off and Arsenal lost four games to lower teams. Shouts of fire the Manager Arsene Wenger rang around the Emirates. Tottenham Hotspurs came on strong passing Arsenal and closing the gap on Leicester. Fans started to believe Spurs could take the title, but little Leicester kept winning. Down to the last few games with Aston Villa already relegated and Norwich-Sunderland-Newcastle all struggling to remain in the Premiership. I was holding my breathe in the closing two weeks of the league. Sunderland came on strong and saved themselves from relegation, but it was bye bye to Newcastle and Norwich. But wait in the final games there was still to be one more twist to this most unusual season. Spurs were one point ahead of Arsenal for second place and seemed to have an easy final game against relegated Newcastle. All Spurs needed was a tie,one point and they would be the league runners up. Newcastle beat them 5-1, who would have thought!!! Arsenal defeated Aston Villa 4-0 and jumped over Spurs into second place.  All in All not a bad season for the Gunners, runners up in the Premiership is nothing to be sniffed at!  Now I have to await the new season that starts in mid August, will Arsenal finally win some meaningful silverware in the new season??? Guess I will have to wait and see.

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One Response to What a Premiership Season

  1. baconburner says:

    Bookie odds last August were 5000 to One that they would win Premiership 47 people took the bet, which meant a payout of £100,000 for a 20 pound bet. The sports Commentator Gary Linekar here said last Decembert if Leicester won the premiership he would present his next football program on TV in his underwear …The nation awaits. Gary Linekar played for Leicester.

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