Bad boy!!! Go to bed without your Supper!!!!

ghiz-disgraced-liberalThe story of the Long and Sad Faced of Robert Ghiz!!!!It could only happen to Ghiz, the worse Premier in island history

Story taken from the item posted by Red Like Me.

Robert Ghiz thought he would be able to step into Banking, like New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna who is now a Vice President of the Toronto Dominion Bank. This is not the case for Ghiz, he was shunted by his own ‘Party’ at the Annual Premiers Dinner. The biggest fund raiser of the year for the almighty ‘Party’. Not a seat?

Ghiz claimed he wanted more time with his Family when he resigned in a hurry. He’s got all the time in the world now, he has yet to find a job. The Premiers Annual Dinner is the biggest night of the year for the ‘Party’, tickets are 500 dollars per plate. The past Premier is always included at the Head table but not with Wade Maclauchlan as Premier. Ghiz had to beg other hacks for a seat at any table.

We are aware of enormous friction within the ‘Party’, there was a panic rush to shut down the Legislature. Not because of the Opposition doing its job, but because the Auditor General Special Investigation into E Gaming is about to be released, it’ll be a doozy.

Robert Ghiz was leaving the Liberal ‘Party’ in great shape when he resigned, “So they could get along without Him”, he said………

Get along without him? Seems nobody will touch Ghiz with a ten foot pole, no Liberals will at least. There is no Banking appointment, no Senate seat, there is no work, no income and new expenses, presumably Ghiz is paying for all the tee times he has in retirement?

At the Premiers Dinner which was sold out, Ghiz had to wander around to hacks like Stewart McKelvey and other crappy law firms to try and get a seat at one of their tables, he was in shock and visibly distraught as the shunting of Ghiz took on a ‘Party’policy.

It looks as though Wade Maclauchlan and Robert Ghiz himself will be two additional body bags,  the Ghiz heap of ruined careers, carnage.


In my opinion it could not have happened to a more deserving louse of a politician, no supper for the bad boy!!!

God Bless and keep reading.



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