Legion Transparency Not!!!

legionI recently sent an email to the PEI Provincial Command asking for a list of the members currently listed as Provincial command members.. I was aware they are probably available at my branch, but found it easier to inquire via the internet. You can see the reply below, it advises me to look up the info on the Web Site or go to the branch. I also asked for a breakdown of the membership status, example- how many ordinary (veterans) members and how many Associate members. Two things strike me as odd here!! . Try to find the list of names on the web page, if they are listed there I sure could not find them.. The second and I found this even stranger! the secretary told me she was not at liberty to divulge information regarding membership status????? I in no way find blame with the secretary, she is just doing as instructed. However, why would this be such a secret, why does Provincial Command not want me to know how many members are associate???? Do they have something to hid? It surely appears so. So much for transparency at the provincial level, just like their big brother at Dominion.

PEI Command Royal Canadian Legion

Good morning.   The names of the Provincial Command Officers should be available at  your Branch.

A list was sent out last June after the Provincial Convention.   You can also check our website

www.peilegion.com.     As for membership status, I am not a liberty to divulge this.


So Comrades, this is the Legion version of Transparency!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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