Canada’s Submarines

trident boatThere has been much talk over the last two decades about Canada’s submarine fleet. Most of it has been negative urging we get rid of the troublesome boats. It would be hard not to argue that these four submarines have mostly been a failure and a very costly failure at that. Nevertheless, we should not condemn merely because the Government/Navy made a bad purchase. At the time it did sound like a good deal, the boats were modern and quite new. We now realize it was a bad decision and since the mid 1990’s we have been left without a serviceable submarine defense. However, to now say we should do away with the boats and not bother with new submarines would be a huge mistake. At the beginning of the 20th century the arms race began with the emergence of the Dreadnought battleships. Huge heavily armed bemonthes of the worlds oceans. They were the capitol ships of the 1st world war. When the 2nd world war began, battleships seemed to be once again the capitol ships of warring nations. Very quickly it became obvious the aircraft carrier was playing a much larger role in fighting the war at sea. It should also be obvious the German navy realized the potential of the submarine (U Boat). When the Cold War began the nuclear submarine became the most dangerous threat, the missile boats in particular. Today, the major navies of the world all maintain fleets of nuclear missile and attack boats. They can lurk off an enemies shore undetected for years, they are probably the greatest deterrent since the Atom bomb. If the Canada Navy today were to abandoned its submarines and the trained crews, it would take many years to ever return to this most effective arm of the fleet.  All the monies already spent would be down the drain,wasted. The RCN would become one of the World’s minor coastal defense navy’s. What all Canadians must consider is the Canadian coastline, we have over 140.000 miles to protect from the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. That my friends is not small potato’s and it should be taken seriously. The RCN need and deserve new modern nuclear submarines, until we can afford them we must support the boats and crews we have.

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