Where is the Legion???Norwegian Sailor!

This is a very difficult story to believe!!!legion

Not an eligible veteran?

I cannot understand Veterans Affairs turning this man down, surely the proof is overwhelmingly in his favour. They have his Naval identity book, it states Royal Norwegian Navy and they have photos of him in his uniform. They have a history of his naval service. What more do they need??? I have not heard one mention from the Royal Canadian Legion? where are they on this? should they not be supporting this 94 year old veteran. Is this not what we Legion members stand for? are we not here to support veterans???


Blindheim always planned to spend his final days at Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital, his son says. But Veterans Affairs rejected his application.

“They sent us a letter explaining that he was not an eligible veteran,” said his son. “I appealed on the grounds that he was in the Royal Norwegian Navy. I provided more documentation and they came back, ‘not eligible.'”

Petter Blindheim document

The 94-year-old’s family has stacks of documents showing his service with the Royal Norwegian Navy. Veterans Affairs Canada has stated in rejection letters that Blindheim was in the Merchant Navy instead. (Peter Blendheim)

His son believes the problem hinges on a single document dating back to 1939.

“Because they say he was in the Merchant Navy, he should have signed this T124 agreement. Well, I can tell you, he was not in the Merchant Navy first off—he was in the Royal Norwegian Navy,” Blendheim says.

“I have documentation from his war book.”

Veterans Affairs rejection

Veterans Affairs has a narrow window of eligibility for former members of the Norwegian Armed Forces, between April 8, 1940, the date Norway was invaded by Germany, and June 9, 1940, when Germany formally occupied Norway.

Shame on Veterans Affairs and shame on the Royal Canadian Legion for failing to go to bat for this allied veteran

God Bless and keep reading

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