New National President Appointed

ST. JOHN’S, NL, JUNE 13th 2016 – A native of Lawn, a small fishing village on the southern tip of the Burin Peninsula, NL and now a resident of Labrador City, NL, David P. Flannigan was unanimously acclaimed as the 42nd Dominion President of The Royal Canadian Legion today at the Legion’s biennial Dominion Convention in St. John’s.

Dave Flannigan_DomPresMr. Flannigan is an ordinary member and a former president of the Newfoundland Labrador Command. David served in the Canadian Armed Forces for a short time before he received a medical discharge. He joined the Labrador City Branch #47. Since 1976, he has been elected to positions at the Legion branch, zone, district, provincial and Dominion Command levels.

“Our purposes and objects were set by our founders 90 years ago. We need to remember this while adapting to new ways of communicating and doing business,” says Flannigan. “Over the next two years, we will bring the Legion to the attention of all Canadians while focusing on the great work we do with Veterans and in our communities,” states Flannigan.


The Dominion Convention, held every two years, is the Legion’s governing body that sets the policies and programs for the nearly 300,000-member organization that was formed in November 1925 at the Malborough Hotel in Winnipeg, MB.legion


The claim for nearly 300,000 members is ACTUALLY nearer 250,000 and not so many years ago it was 600,000. The Legion also claim a 100,000 are actual veterans. It depends on who you believe, but the more accurate number of veterans is approx 35,000. There are over 700,000 CAF veterans in Canada, this shows few are joining the legion.  In fact one might say today’s legion is more of a social club than a veteran organization.The veteran name is being used as a prop!

The big question is with a new National president will we see any real change in the direction the legion has followed for the last few years????? That is indeed a big question!!!!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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6 Responses to New National President Appointed

  1. Neville Pearson says:

    Does this mean our “TOM” is no longer in Office?? It sure will be refreshing if this is so and a real live Veteran is in the position. Maybe we will get some answers to our outstanding questions re veterans.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Eagles will still be there as past president

  3. Neville Pearson. says:

    Understand the politics of the Legion but at least he is not at the HELM. Had to fight to rid a Legion of a “spend it all on me and my wife President”, and I use the term loosely, his wife was Sec/Treas at the same time, Quite a Battle, but the Victory was ours in the end. Had to do it from the inside.

    • irishroverpei says:

      My concern is the poppy is the biggest source of income and if it’s being misappropriated in lavish salaries and expe

  4. Neville Pearspn says:

    That has always been my concern. In this day and age that seems to be the only way to raise funds for the Legion Veterans. Look at all the big branches in the west, Calgary & Edmonton also Halifax which are shutting their doors.

    • irishroverpei says:

      I’m not sure how the poppy fund is distributed,branches keep a portion but the bulk goes to dominion. The danger I see is the fund being used for excessive salaries and these travel junkets. If the media gets a hint of scandal they would be all over us. If we lose the trust of Canadians we are probably finished. At eagles local branch in Plaster rock. They gave out four bursaries,guess what two went to Eagles sons

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