Balancing News Story’s

about-the-premierI can only imagine how difficult a job it must be for the Guardian to produce a balanced account of our political affairs. They need to remain impartial while telling both sides of a story! The premier sure does not make it easy with his ‘at my pleasure” appointments. How about the recent health board appointments of Ellis/MacPherson. It must be extremely hard if not impossible to present a balanced approach to these two Guys. Ellis a former potato farmer, fined $72,280 after found guilty of a fish kill in 2011. MacPherson also once a potato farmer and more recently an executive with Cavendish farms. Both big financial supporters of political party’s. However, on the plus side of their resumes they must bring fresh new ideas to healthcare?? We are just not sure what those ideas are yet. Guess we will have to wait for the Premier to explain their qualities and healthcare knowledge as positive reasons for these appointments.  Anyone besides me feeling a slight imbalance here?

God Bless and keep reading

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