The Guardian newspaper is Balanced??????

OhDear!!!! I must have hit a nerve! the Guardian would not publish the attached letter. They said they use a balanced approach and gave a few examples of Liberal bashing!! They also told me I had already sent in numerous letters about Robert Ghiz, which they had published.. They disagreed with me. he could not be the worse PEI Premier in history because he won two majority elections. Its their newspaper, so they decide what to print, nothing I can do about that. I guess we shall wait and see, if you think we have heard the last of Robert Ghiz, just wait until he pops up as a Liberal cabinet minister/Senator. I will admit my letter to the editor was a bit taunting but newspapers should really have thicker skin?

I love this letter to the Editor that appeared on 7th June 2016.

The Title said  NO INTEREST IN GHIZ STORY.ghiz-disgraced-liberal

The very brief letter reads as follows

Robert Ghiz? Who cares?

Ivan Bolger. Charlottetown.

Bravo Ivan! we do not care about this man who will go down in history as the Islands worse ever Premier. Has anyone read the silly editorial in today’s paper (11th June 2016 page A10) it praises Ghiz and gives a glowing report about his future. It claims he is a smart negotiator, a friendly chap, a friend of Justin Trudeau and has a promising future, maybe as a federal cabinet minister, maybe a senator, heck all the writer missed was possible Sainthood!!!! There is no doubt in my mind the Guardian newspaper is aligned with the Liberal party of PEI. That is a great shame because it is the only daily newspaper in the Province. Hey Paul, any chance of the Eastern Graphic becoming a Daily????

God Bless and keep reading


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