Serious issues in Cadet program
Editor’s note: below is the letter being sent to federal MPs by the organization, Campaign for Sensible Cadet Program Reform: The Cadet Program is a federal entity …

If you have read the above report then these are my comments (attached below) on the issues raised in the report. I do not speak to the Sexual Assault issues as I was never aware of such an issue at my Corps level.

This is an excellent break down of the problems within the CIC/Cadet program. I have advocated similar problems from my own 12 years experience within the program. The old boys club and politics always played a huge and deciding factor in who did what, who got promoted, who got full time jobs etc. However, I disagree on one point, at the local cadet corps level much more work was done than the suggested one night a week. Keeping youth interested was never easy and we were required to provide many extra weekend activities. There was a constant pressure from Regional HQ’s to keep the numbers up. A cadet unit was supposed to maintain a minimum corps strength of 30. The other constant problem that I ran into was female staff, we usually had a balance of male/female cadets and that required a balance of male female officers. As an example I could not take my Corps camping without at least one female adult. Often I attempted to coax a cadets Mom to come along. That was never an easy task. While I agree with most of the reforms suggested, I think all Corps/Squadrons should maintain the requirement of one CIC officer (ex military) as the Commanding Officer. All other instructors could be NCO’s or civilian. I believe, unless there is a complete break from a military image, we need to have a person with a military background running the unit. I also agree 100% with the regular force members, saluting a CIC officer was often a difficult thing to have to do. I never had that problem,  I always appeared correctly dressed, uniform smart, shoes polished, hair cut, and in a good physical appearance. I took pride in wearing the uniform of a Canadian Forces Officer, it was a privilege and an honour. Sad it was something that many CIC officers failed in, hence the need for regular forces training.

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