Pricing on PEI?????

I have added an excerpt from a “Red Like Me” posting that I thought would be of interest to my zflagpeireaders. I did so because of a recent trip to NS. On our return from Halifax Linda suggested we buy a jug of milk as we had none in the fridge at home. I went into an Irving Service Centre in Truro, bought the jug and paid with a ten dollar bill. When I received almost five dollars change I thought the clerk had made a mistake. I questioned him and he said. no, that’s the right price for milk. I had paid a little over $5 for a large jug of milk, the  same milk cost more than $7 on PEI. What comes to mind is, why??? Are we not a farming province and don’t we have cows? why should our milk cost $2 more than the neighbouring province of Nova Scotia? Then I read the article from “Red Like Me” and understood,cow

Visitors to Prince Edward Island should be warned that Beer, Wine and Cigarettes are the priciest in Canada. Wine that sells for 18.00 in Ontario is 40.00 dollars in PEI and a pack of smokes that cost 9 dollars in Quebec are over 15 dollars in PEI.

There are a number of ways to save money in PEI;

  • Avoid overpriced Murphy Group restaurants, their dining experiences are pricier than Toronto’s best, the food stinks.
  • Bring your groceries with you , take your empties back with you as PEI only refund half the deposit (another way the Liberals steal from the poor who collect bottles).
  • Fill your car with gasoline before arriving on PEI, where fuel is 3-5 cents a litre more expensive.
  • Camping is affordable but Hotels are not, the season for tourists is so short all the operators have the tap turned on ‘full blast’.
  • Resist any shopping for clothes.

70% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of PEI is Government spending, the Province was accurately described by the Globe and Mail as a government funded theme park.

Now folks, do we feel like the government is milking us for every dollar????

God Bless and keep reading

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