National Flag Protocol


Dignity of the Flag

The National Flag of Canada should be displayed only in a manner appropriate for this important national symbol; it should not be subjected to dishonour or displayed in a position inferior to any other flag or ensign. The National Flag always takes priority over all other national flags when flown in Canada. The only flags that are given priority over the Canadian flag are the personal standards of members of the Royal Family and of Her Majesty’s eleven representatives in Canada.

001002Every time I pass through Miscouche and  the Acadian Museum I see a problem with the Canadian Flag, It flies on the centre pole at an equal height and between the PE flag and the Acadian flag. However flying above all three flags on a considerably higher pole is another Acadian flag. Surely the museum authorities should know this is improper, as stated in the “Dignity of the Flag’ No flag should fly above the National Flag.

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