The Latest Legion Medal??? Only $25 per medal (no limit purchase what you need))

legionww2medalsI visited my local branch just before Canada Day to see if the legion was involved in the celebrations. I didn’t find anything listed on the notice board to that effect. However, there was one interesting memo from Dominion Command,in a nutshell; it stated that only the winner of a medal should wear it. To allow family members,sons daughters to wear their late loved ones medals on the right breast only diluted the value of the medals. So nothing has changed at Dominion, or has it???A recent on-line ad from the legion, and there has been many such commercial ads lately, offered the following. For the sum of $25.00 we can now purchase a fancy legion 150 medal to be worn on the right breast! (but not until 2017). Since when have we started buying our medals whether they be worn on the right or left breast. Does the purchase of a medal not dilute its value???

The legion have for some time been offering for sale items such as wrist watch,umbrella and other trinkets all embossed with the Red Poppy symbol. Is the poppy not the single most sacred emblem entrusted to the care of the Royal Canadian Legion. Using it for commercial profit was never the intended purpose, surely if we are talking dilution this is a far worse example than a widow wearing her late husbands medals. Time for the Legion to change direction if they are to survive in the 21st century.

God Bless and keep reading.


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One Response to The Latest Legion Medal??? Only $25 per medal (no limit purchase what you need))

  1. Neville Pearson says:

    Commercialism of a SACRED TRUST SYMBOL. Money Money Money. Th only gauge that indicates success is the Amount of people you can entice into your organization. This proves how great you are day!!!

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