Further to my Blog of 24th June 2016

In a recent letter to the editor concerning whether Duffy should remain as an senator I was duffy-620x348sorta in favour of him staying. It was quickly pointed out to me that 71% of islanders do not want him. This was merely a poll and how many actual islanders were contacted? Anyway I responded to the question by this simple point of view. Better the devil you know!!!

I response to the comments made by Lloyd Kerry (Wednesday 29th June) regarding the question of whether Mike Duffy should stay or go! I apologize if I was not clear in the point I was making. My original letter far exceeded the number of words allowed, and once pared down I may have left out the crux of the issue. I was attempting to make people aware of possible ulterior motives, (71% of Islanders do not want Duffy as their senator). Who commissioned this poll and why? who paid for this poll and why? These are not questions I can answer, however, one might think there is a person/persons waiting in the shadows for this lucrative senate appointment once Islanders kick Duffy into touch. I merely felt we might be better to stick with the devil we know so to speak.
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