A Weekend Legion Quiz!!!

audey murphy.TomEagles2medal manTake a close look at the three photos and see if you can tell if they are all actual veterans who have served their country and have earned and merit the many medals and decorations you see them wearing. No prize for guessing correctly, unfortunately because this is really too easy a quiz. However, if you are really impressed and would like to have your photo included in my blog but sadly do not have any medals to wear. Take heart, the Royal Canadian Legion has a solution for you. Just go to the Legion web site and purchase as many medals as you desire, only $25 each plus postage. Then you can look as impressive as at least one of the three photoslegionbeaumont-hamel150 medal

I apologize for my sarcasm but I find it exceedingly deplorable that the Royal Canadian Legion can stoop so low as to sell cheap and phony medals. Medals that may be worn (right breast) at any time by persons wearing the legion uniform. This is the same legion that denies a widow the right to wear her late husbands medals (right side) to a Remembrance Day Service. The legion claim, a widow wearing her late husbands medals dilutes the value and takes away the meaning of those medals. But Hey!!! what about those lovely shiny $25 legion medals, aren’t they great and don’t the wearers look smart-proud and almost veteran  like?????

God Bless and keep reading

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