Legion Policy Contradictory

This is a copy of my latest letter to the editor, and it will be ten or more days since the original letter was published. More than enough time for a Legion response???

It been more than ten days since my letter to the editor was published (12th July 2016) ww2medalsasking a question of the Legion. It was in reference to an early question from a Mrs M Ferris, could she wear her late husbands medals (right Breast) to Remembrance Day Ceremonies. The Legion promptly told her no! My question was this, how does the Legion justify the following. While Mrs Ferris is breaking the law,a law the legion supports. It is quite legal for any Legion member (no requirement to be a veteran) to purchase and wear legion medals on right breast at any time in Legion uniform. To date the Legion has not responded but that does not surprise me. This issue must be a very difficult and embarrassing thing for the Legion to respond to. Allow me to give an example of why I find this so deplorable.. Tom Eagles past president of Dominion Command wears a total of twelve medals, nine legion medals on his right breast and three (anniversary) medals on his left. That’s probably close to double the average number of medals WW2 and Korean vets earned. Yet Mr Eagles has never served in the Forces, Police or Coast Guard, he is a civilian. I find it difficult to understand why the Legion supports a law making it illegal for Mrs Ferris and other family members to wear medals in memory and pride, but condones selling medals to any legion member veteran or otherwise. I once more challenge to legion to give a reasonable explanation!TomEagles2

God Bless and keep reading



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