The Confederation Bridge!!!

confederation-bridgeI recently travelled back to the Island from Halifax using Maritime Bus. It was a pleasant trip as far as Amherst where I had to change buses. On the Halifax part of the trip I travelled on a nice comfortable highway coach. In Amherst I was transfered to a smaller twenty passenger bus. It wasnt too bad until we reach the bridge, then it was transformed into a bone shaker. As we hit each joint section between the spans the bump was dreadful and shook the whole bus.  I found myself bracing and rising a little from my seat in anticipation of each coming jolt as we reached the next joint..  Since that trip I have heard of others with a similar complaint about a very rough crossing. Friends with a 5th wheel camper arrived in New Brunswick with broken cups. Motorcyclist find it particularly bad when crossing these joint sections, like I did on the bus, the riders have to brace themselves for each hit. Now I’m wondering if possibly the bridge is shifting or maybe settling, I do not remember being so aware of these bumps in the past. The Bridge support pillars merely sit on the sea floor and are held in place by the sheer weight plus steel cables running from end to end that hold the sections together. I could be wrong of course, yet I wonder if others have noticed or experienced what I have just described. I can only imagine the mess we would all be in if the bridge had to close for repairs. The shortage of a ferry at the other end of the island would not be much help either. So I guess its fingers crossed while hoping that nothing is wrong with the bridge??????

God Bless and keep reading.

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