Shining Waters! But no After Glow.

We have our grandson staying with us this week, so decided to take him to Shining Waters at 001Cavendish. The first shock was the cost to enter this place. For Christopher a bracelet cost $25 which seemed reasonable as it included all the attractions and rides. However I found it much less than reasonable when Linda and I had to pay $16 each just to go in, and this was seniors rate! So we paid a total of $57 and did we get value for money, not a chance. Linda and I walked around the huge and hilly area looking for somewhere shaded to sit. Those places are few and far between, when we found one we were forced to move on or inhale second hand smoke. Why would a theme park for children allow smoking on the grounds? We eventually found a spot to rest about an hour after our arrival, then to our surprise Christopher turned up bored! I didn’t see the whole park, but from what I did see there are basically two popular attractions, the water slides and the new ride recently purchased and installed from Crystal Palace. The Pirate Bay Bullet, or some sorta name like that. At both these attractions were huge lineups, the water slides by far the longest wait. The bullet ride takes a whole 35 seconds, and while I couldn’t time the water slides I imagine the timing would be a similar length of seconds. There was a few reminders of days gone by at Rainbow Valley, a petting barn,  a rope bridge,  a cave and a castle. None of the poor animals in the barn looked happy or welcomed petting. We arrived at 1.30 pm and by 3.30pm were on our way home. Not my idea of a fun filled afternoon, Sand Spit is a far better value for money attraction in my opinion with many more exciting and fun rides. Last year we had all but to drag Christopher away from it. Lesson learned! next year Sand Spit here we come.

God Bless and keep reading


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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One Response to Shining Waters! But no After Glow.

  1. baconburner says:

    What a disgrace the price for seniors of whom the majority would not take part in the rides. Simply escorting kids or grandkids to the fun zones. SMOKING what can I say the Libs have killed the Island Killed the FISH and now they are trying to kill of the youth of today.
    Enjoy your grandson and tell him stories of life so very important. Robby

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