Local Politicians Resigning???

about-the-premierCaudillo goneThis sudden wave of Provincial politicians resigning seems a wee bit fishy? First we had Robert Ghiz, he suddenly resigned to spend more time with his family! now he is working in Ottawa. Next we have Wes Sheridan, he resigned to look after his ailing wife! he is working in Halifax.  In the last few days Janice Sherry resigned to spend more time with her Granddaughter? Then today our Premier announced funding for the City of Summerside. Just doing his job as a good premier should eh!!!though some might see it as vote buying for Mrs Sherry’s vacated seat. Its a good job we Islanders do not have suspicious minds or we might think there is something fishy going on here? Of course that would be understandable if we were, after all we are the Fish Kill Capitol of Canada.janice-sherry

fishkill capitol of Canada10552581_271803659682485_965015307353329839_n

P.E.I Premier designate Wade macLauchlan speaks to the Liberal leadership convention in Charlottetown Saturday. MacLauchlan will become the Island's 32nd premier when he is sworin into office Monday.

Without hesitation or any sense of shame, Premier Maclauchlan donated 300,000 dollars of Public Money to Summerside today after tossing out MLA Janice Sherry this week. Buying votes for the by-election, with Public Fund

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