Blocked by Dominion Command

Dave-Flannigan_DomPreslegionPreparing for the 21st Century??? I think not! While the leadership at Dominion Command may not agree or even feel comfortable with comments coming from the veteran members. They need to acknowledge them and be prepared to listen. To ignore the men and women who are the backbone of the Royal Canadian Legion is a disgrace. To ignore veterans is beyond any reasonable excuse from those in Command. I find it utterly defeating to follow a policy of refusing to listen to the membership. Is it any wonder the membership numbers are plummeting, indeed unless things change quickly I will be adding my name to those failing numbers at the end of this year.

The blog I have attached from Robby my good friend and fellow veteran,it was blocked from  the Legion web site.

Red Friday >> Have we forgotten .?

Published on August 05, 2016

Red Friday For Our Men and Women

RCASC Apprentice Memories

Red Friday and I am in Canada,

Sad to see the lack of people wearing Red as a show of support for our military.

A simple red Tee Shirt on a hot day, would be all it takes to visually show your support.

When I head to Borden in 2 weeks I shall see if Barrie remembers by wearing RED.TomEagles2beaumont-hamel150 medal

I would like to lay the Gauntlet down to Dominion Command and their lack of response to Veteran members of the Royal Canadian Legion. I find it personally reprehensible that they ignore both traditional letters and e mails. Even the smallest of organizations  answer mail, or acknowledge mail, at the very least.

The Legion used to make me PROUD as a Canadian even as a child , they took care of both my Father and Grandfather. Both Veterans of WW1 And WW2 respectively.

NOT to publish their wages is a disgrace as members  dues cover a great percentage of their wages. Not to publish Travel costs for executive travel is another disgrace. I feel sad that the so called new Legion has lost sight of their original aim.

Tin pot medals (Medallions) obtained for a few bucks?  Executive members who wear them  have never worn a battle dress nor uniform of any kind.

I am a member in Scotland and the Royal British/ Royal Scottish Legions do not wear medals on the right breast as do the Canadian Legion and many dictatorial countries.

It is time to GET BACK TO THE BASICS. Many of you will disagree with this BLOG  but I am sure as many will be in favour as they are also outraged at the actions currently.

The man who I consider is leading the fight to get simple answers is a Veteran  submariner and served in both the RN and the RCN. Fred Rodgers of PEI follow his fight here:

I also ask you to flood this e address with your comments and concerns….see if they answer you as a Veteran?

See if he has the courtesy to answer you. The Legion is supposed to CARE FOR VETERANS.

On that note I end this  rant against Dominion Command by the way they have ignored every e mail I have sent them as well.

The Silence is deafening!They have consistently ignored me too

God Bless and keep reading


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