Another Wayne Easter the Door Knob Gem of Wisdom!!!!

easter-the-door-knobeasterSorry but I just had to share this “Red Like Me” post about Wayne Easter!!!I think they have painted a very accurate picture of this sad excuse for a politician. In all the years I have blogged and used the email I have never intentionally been offensive. Yes, I have often used sarcasm and made jokes about politicians but never been crude or rude. Easter in a response to an email I sent him some time ago, stated in his reply “I know you think all politicians are Scum Bags”. That’s not a term I would ever use on the internet or indeed face to face with someone. His most recent nasty remark was to a Lady (vegan) telling her she should try a T Bone steak and she would feel better


PEI would send dead dogs to Ottawa if they were running on the Liberal ‘ticket’, Wayne Easter MP is conclusive evidence of the inbred Liberal mindset in PEI. 

Wayne Easter MP serves as a textbook example of everything wrong in PEI politics. A dedicated ‘Party’ hack with all the smarts of a single cell Amoeba, Wayne Easter stokes the ‘Hick’ image of Islanders for all of Canada.

Easter had an excellent and able Constituency representative one time, the late Linda Lunardi was able and well informed, she made a Man out of hare brained Wayne Easter. The ‘Party’ trumps brains or ability in PEI and Easter fired Linda Lunardi after ten years to make room for an  inexperienced ‘Party’ hacks kid as his constituency representative.

Easter busies himself sending out childish tweets and hosting other ‘Party’ hacks on visits to Ottawa. Now Easter gained headlines again telling a vegan to go have a T Bone steak. What a Jackass?

Easter does not have the foresight or gumption to offer an apology, he is a PEI Liberal and they can all do what ever they want, “at their pleasure”. Every time Easter grabs a headline in Canada, Google search engines are smothered by the same question, “Why is PEI a Province”?

God Bless and keep reading


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