A Free Legion Membership!!!!!

legionI suppose if one was to rate the things that Dominion Command are doing badly, membership would undoubtedly be one of the most pressing issues. I cannot imagine that the founders of the legion would be happy with recent decisions reached by Dominion. Would our original veterans have approved of selling the sacred Poppy symbol as cheap plastic embossed earring set, coffee mugs, umbrellas etc. It is inconceivable that our veterans, many who fought and died for our freedom would approve the selling of legion medals at $25 each. In days now long gone, the Legion was a place of pride, the legion had standards, not just anyone could join. Not just anyone could enter the legion unless invited as a guest. I realize there were mistakes made in the past, none of us are perfect. Nevertheless the legion was there for the veterans. Today, with membership dwindling at an alarming rate and funds to keep Dominion Command and their staff financial sound is becoming ever more difficult. Hence all these cheap and nasty trinkets and such being advertised for sale. A shoddy way to raise funds. It is worth noting several members have posted in favour of the legion, and I completely agree with them.  However, in their praise most are referring to their branches not the Command. Indeed most branches have and still do sterling work in their individual communities. Sadly this issue is not about the community work. Its about salaries and expenses that Dominion Command refuse to disclose. It is about a Command delegation to the Caribbean in winter to present a cheque to a local island veteran association. Its about trips to the UK to attend meetings in England and Scotland. It is about the lack of sharing this information with the membership. Of not explaining the costs or the purpose of such costly ventures. The majority of local branches disclose all their finances to the members, Dominion Command do not, they claim privacy!   Below I have attached the latest from Dominion Command in their quest to survive. I see this as a sign of desperation.  legion membership? is it no longer worth a fee to be a member of this once proud and respected Organization?

——————–Excerpt from Dominion Command Face Book Posting———————–

As part of our efforts to help Veterans transition to civilian life, the Legion, in cooperation with the Canadian Armed Forces Depart With Dignity Program, offers a free, one-year membership to all retired Forces members who are not yet a Legion member.

It will be interesting to see how many accept this amazing offer and then continue their membership the following year.  But I doubt we shall ever see the results.

God Bless and keep reading

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