My Summary To Date—-Royal Canadian Legion.

legionTomEagles2Dave-Flannigan_DomPresI think I owe an explanation to the readers of my blog who may not be involved with or interested in the Royal Canadian Legion. I realize my daily blogs have mainly focused on issues surrounding the Legion,  in particular Dominion Command. It began for me over three years ago when I saw a letter to the Editor of the local newspaper.  An elderly  Charlottetown lady sent a letter to the editor asking if it was permissible for her to wear her late husbands medals on her right breast to Remembrance day Services. She was promptly told no, by local legion officials. I was surprised, up until that moment I had assumed it was a tradition that blood relatives may wear these medals as a mark of respect and to honour the late veteran. It was certainly allowed in the UK and other Commonwealth Countries. I quickly presented a resolution approved by my branch to Provincial Command. The resolution asked Provincial Command to forward a request to amendment to section 419 of the criminal code. It was turned down,and shortly after I was accosted by a Provincial Command member at my local branch. He was quite intent that I should understand how very wrong I was. I then re-wrote the resolution directly to Dominion Command, but once again it was stopped dead at Provincial. At this point I believed I was alone in my quest. I considered perhaps I should listen to the legion official and leave it there.  However, after receiving a terse and sarcastic letter from the chair of a special committee claiming my resolution had been unanimously voted down I decided to take this further. The chairman of this special committee was an associate member,  I questioned why there was not a chain of command. Even if stopped at provincial level I should have the right to take my resolution to the next level. I received no more letters or any other form of communication,I was totally ignored. I don’t want to go into too many more details beyond this point, I fear I might sound like a broken record and become boring, maybe I already have!!. Nevertheless, this was the moment I began to dig a little deeper and was surprised with what I learned.  Far from being alone I was one of many veterans who were less than happy with the legion hierarchy. Since then I have campaigned for change at the leadership levels. There are too many questions about the poppy fund and where it is being used. Too many questions about Dominion Command, the secrecy of their salaries,travel and expenses. Too many questions about commercializing the poppy, about selling legion medals to members, giving away 1 year free memberships. Too little mention of real veterans in need, and too many unanswered questions of where funding to needy veterans was ending up. So folks, I will apologize in advance, saying sorry, but my campaign must continue. Like my comrade, Joan Beznoski, I may soon find myself banned from the legion too. Its very sad to think that dedicated veteran members are rapidly being regarded as the enemy of the present day legion. What is even sadder, is to remember how great and respected this once proud and honoured veterans organization once was.clay poppybeaumont-hamel150 medal

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God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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4 Responses to My Summary To Date—-Royal Canadian Legion.

  1. I’ve been living in a Latin american country for the past 11 years and appalled at what goes on in regard to corruption. Then I made the mistake of believing that it is typical of anything Latin american. Next I began to pay more attention to news reported from america (Canada and U.S.A.) and realize we north americans are no better when it comes to taking advantage as long as we think we can get away with it. In north america corruption can exist more subtly probably because we don’t have the serious drug wars as evident as in the Latin countries. But, nonetheless, corruption exists in every country.

    I’m becoming quite convinced that the Royal Canadian Legion hierarchy has let authority go to their heads to the point of being disrespectful in dealing with questions – the first notion that not everything is up-to-snuff:
    *resolutions turned down locally without being presented to Dominion Command – isn’t there a chain of higher command?
    *receiving “terse and sarcastic” letters from the chair of a special committee and then being totally ignored
    Corruption? Yes, avoiding questions are bound to initiate suspicion.
    – the poppy fund; where is it being used?
    – secrecy of salaries, travel and expenses
    – the sale of Legion medals
    – giving one year free memberships
    There is little mention of veterans in need. Where is the funding ending up, really?

    A personal opinion is that the Legion seems to be expressing the notion that women did not play an important role in the affairs of war. My interpretation comes from the Legion’s strict “no” answer of a wife being able to wear medals at the Remembrance Day ceremonies (as if it was displaying sacrilege). Finally, when there is secrecy of salaries and expenses you can bet your bottom dollar that not everything is up to par. It stinks of someone getting away with something. One of the many things very wrong at this stage is that salaries and expenses are not public knowledge. And, right there, that’s the base of things not being right.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Thanks for the support Francis, and of course you are quite correct there is corruption everywhere. However, I can almost stomach politicians and corporations doing it, but the members of the legion? Its absolutely disgusting that members in charge (most not veterans)would think to cheat the men and women who served their country with honour and pride, and so very many who gave their lives.

  2. Sergeant (Ret) Robert G Dale says:

    irishroverpei. Sir you are not alone!!! I’m a 30 year Canadian Army veteran and a member of the RCL. I have tried for year to bring change about and recruited a new generation of veterans (Afghanistan) veteran and local reservists into my local our local branch, but when the branch manger refuses to change and continue to book old-time music, 50/60 Rock and Roll, Elvis impersonator for the ww2 and Korean veterans. Have for the medals issue. I get asked that question every year before 11 Nov. Yes it is illegal under section 419 of the criminal code to wear medals you yourself have not earn. And I agree with it. So I advice people to make up a shadow box with their love one’s photo and medals and bring that to 11 Nov. service and that way no one can say No.

    • irishroverpei says:

      I appreciate your email and respect your opinions, however I do not agree with your statement regarding who wears medals. If you wish to have yours framed and taken to the services that is your choice, if I wish my daughter to wear mine after i have gone I do not have that choice under the law. Yet associate members wear numerous legion medals on their right breast and parade around looking like decorated veterans. Have you considered that may be one reason why younger veterans are not joining the legion.

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