Explaining the wearing of Right Breast Medals.


First allow me to explain, real medals earned in the service of ones country are worn on the LEFT, over the heartlegion

I encourage readers to enlarge the two photos posted here and have a close look at the medals they are wearing. The first photo is Dave Flannigan, Dominion Command President, the other Tom Eagles,past president. On their right breasts they share between them sixteen legion medals. Very impressive indeed and quite legally worn when in legion uniform. We can surely forgive the majority of Canadians for assuming these two guys are proud long time serving veterans. Flannigan did serve briefly but was medically discharged, I have no details of his service. Eagles has never served a day in his life. On remembrance Day you will see these two members plus hundreds of other similarly decorated associate members legally wearing their many right breast legion medals.

Please note;- the medals worn on the left by Flannigan and Eagles are commemorative medals awarded through government such as the Queens Gold and Diamond Jubilee medal. The Diamond Jubilee was awarded to all Federal MPs!!! enough said

medal girlwar-widows-asilver crossNow!  take a good look at these ladies, they are all wearing late relatives medals on their right breast. These are real medals earned by the sacrifice of fathers,grandfathers, sons and daughters, in the service to their country. Fortunately these dedicated women are not in Canada honouring their lost love ones, they are in the UK.  Had they been in Canada they would be breaking the law under section 419 of the criminal code. Its against the law to wear a relatives medals here, the maximum fine is $5000 or six months in jail.

So folks it should be quite simple to understand, the top two photos shows two decorated and upstanding law abiding legion members. Below you see four female law breakers wearing late loved ones medals with honour and pride.

You might be wondering what reason the Canadian Legion offers for the need of this law??? I quote ” To allow relatives to wear others medals dilutes the value of those medals”

medrian ferrisFinally, this last photo is Mrs M Ferris, she asked the Charlottetown PEI Legion if she could wear her late husbands medals a few years ago. She was told  NO!  but I’m already sure you guessed that answer!

An Irishman will tell you!!

One should never dilute a glass of Irish whiskey, enjoy it just as it is. Having said that I think I need a glass right now, how can the legion sell cheap $25 tin medals that may be legally worn on the right breast.  Yet declare, with a straight face, that it dilutes the value of a real medal if worn by a blood relative.

150 medalbeaumont-hamelI hope this is now clearly explained to all who read my blog,the purpose of my campaign  if you should have questions please do not hesitate to ask me, but please don’t bother Dominion Command they are much to busy merchandising their medals and clay poppy earrings to answer your emails.

God Bless and keep reading


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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35 Responses to Explaining the wearing of Right Breast Medals.

  1. Doug Roberts says:

    Well said

  2. baconburner says:

    Right Breast Medals (Medallions) certainly make us look like a third world dictatorship. All tin pot dictators wear right breast medals. Perhaps we should faithfully follow our Mother Legion the Royal British in that no right hand medals are issued purchased or otherwise to Legion members a Lapel pin is used to signify long term service etc to the Legion.
    Keep up this campaign my fellow Veterans who knows we may win this battle against Canadian dictators at Dominion Command Level. A.Robby McRobb Veteran and Proud Canadian.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Thanks Robby always appreciate your support. I sent this blog to Dominion-Provincial and legion Magazine. Doubtful I will get a response or see it published in the mag!

  3. I’ve been convinced long before now that some brains are not equipped to handle reasoning and common sense.

  4. Arnold Adams says:

    I am a veteran with my CD plus my service medals 000and a legion member for 47 years and I agree with the comments expressed. I also feel the current legion members who are actively involved mean well in helping the veterans and community. However when a District Commander tells me that he owes the veterans nothing and they can take their medals and shove them up their rectum, it leaves a very bad taste when command leaves him in office and yes command was told

  5. irishroverpei says:

    Thanks for the support Arnold appreciate the support

  6. Old Airborne Dog says:

    I’m a veteran retired from combat arms after 30 years, entitled to wear a rack and a few other odds and sods of salad dressing on my left side. I also don’t take any offence, nor see how any could be taken if relatives were to wear the awards and decoration given to a deceased loved one.

    Having said that, I see the Legion types are not wearing awards and decorations from the Canadian government on their right side. They’re wearing Legion stuff, which means absolutely nothing to me, might be well deserved, but it is just costume jewelry. One could simply make up your own little medal or ribbon for suffering through three consecutive viewings of “Hyena Road” or something similar, then wear it to Remembrance Day. Whether the Legion dreamed up those decorations, or some individual makes up their own, the important issue is it isn’t an award or decoration given by the Canadian government to a member of the Forces for something they did. And that’s an enormous difference.

    All that aside, I’m not sure why the Legion is presumes to be the voice of all veterans on whether or not relatives of deceased soldiers should be allowed by law to wear the medals of their loved ones at military ceremonies. Nobody asked me, and I for one am perfectly fine with it.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Thanks Rick I appreciate your support, we must keep up the pressure or see the once respected and proud legion and her members pass into history.

  7. Ryan says:

    I’m advising who ever is on this sight all I have to say is, I am a wounded Afganistan Vet and as well as my brother was until he took a shot gun into his shed two years ago I think you can figure out the rest. The past two years I’ve pinned my brothers medals on his and we went to Remembrance Day, you know that would make my life if someone came up to him and told him to take them off, I’d beat him so bad it wouldn’t even be funny, my brothers son has every right to wear his fathers medals. I had 7 metals that went in the garbage, and my brother has 8 metals, so I may as well through my brothers metals out as well, especially if his son can’t display them what are the use of them. You guys at the legion just don’t get it and you wonder why you guys are closing everywhere because you have no members and this generation is not going, why don’t you guys just sit and think about it, it’s a joke I’ll never step foot in a legion ever again, ran by civis when the legion was first erected was for vet civis did not get in, know look at it but you guys still wonder why 2 year ago I went into the legion in combats/in uniform and I was denied a beer by the bar tender because I present a member ship god dam bullshit I’m in uniform in a place for vets and soldiers and get denied unbelievable, and you still wonder why I don’t give it too many more years and prob they will all be closed, civis are running most of them, the legion board may have one vet on it, it’s gone( there should be no civis in any legion) and then see what happens, the soldiers would be able to speak freely not haveing to worry if a civi is listening to you which it is non of their business. The meaning of the legion where vets can go and hang out with each other like a big boy big girl club, not a civi hang out. That’s why they are finished.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Thank you Ryan, I can’t begin to feel the pain you must feel, I can only offer my heart felt sympathy for the loss of your brother. It is left for you to continue the fight for yourself and your late brother to be given the deserved recognition from the legion.

  8. Tina says:

    I was approached a couple of years ago on Nov 11 by an elderly gentleman, while at a legion, and asked if I knew it was illegal to wear someone else’s medals. I politely informed him that they were medals that I earned during my 25 years of service and did not belong to someone else.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Thank you for your response Tina and thank you for your service. There are many of these types in the legion who think they are the only veterans, we real veterans are proud of your service and your courage. God Bless.

  9. Eric Ross CD says:

    I think it would be great for my daughters to wear their great grandfather’s and grandfather’s medals on the right side during remembrance day ceremonies. What better way to be remembered! I would love to know that my granddaughter would someday be able to wear mine when I’m gone.

    • irishroverpei says:

      I totally agree.

    • Ryane says:

      Hey Eric you pin those metals on your doughters chest Eric with pride, and you tell them to wear them with pride, I’m pretty sure these clowns better wake the **** up. Are you heros going to tell a little 5-6-7 who cares to take off there fathers metals because he only died in combat and that’s all that little girl has left if her daddy, and those two clowns up top they got those metals because of the postion they where in ( Justin Berber ) got one are you joking me, next time your leaving the legion just drop them in the garbage because they are nothing absaultly nothing, but you guys are going to tell a little girl to take them off well god help you if I seen it and that should go for everybody, it’s a sign of respect, it’s respect to the deceased what’s wrong with you people right out to **** lunch, this is it for me because this is bullshit, and Eric I wouldn’t even think about it, eh it some funny them trying to charge a 6 year old because she is wearing her desieased fathers metals. WOW the legions are finished.

  10. Mike says:

    I retired in 2010 joined lical legion only to find out all persons who where required to vote if I could join never served a day. I never attended a meeting, fonction, or gave any support to them. Sorry but a civilian waring medals and leading a Rememberence day Parade no I’m not standing beside them.

  11. Robert G CD1 says:

    Why do they have to be worn ? Medals are earned and awarded to an individual, put them in a small display case or mount them on a small board with a brief history if you want to honour them on that sacred day . I would never dream of wearing someone elses medals and would be embarrassed to do so. There are lots of ways to honour a loved one but wearing medals you did not earn doesn’t seem to me to be one of them regardless of what the legion says on the matter. You want to wear a medal then earn one.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Robert naturally I do not expect everyone to agree, we all have our own opinions on the subject. If you feel framed medals is how you wish yours to be displayed that is fine, its your choice. As the law stands I have no choice. My father served in WW1 and my brother in WW2 and I have indeed earned the medals I wear. I wear none on my right breast and do not agree that associate members parade with a chest full on right breast medals. For a widow to wear her late husbands medals on remembrance day does in my opinion honour her husbands memory, like the legion says ” We Will Remember Them” how we do that should be individual choice

      • Art Bloomfield says:

        Robert G CD1 – I do not wear my dad’s or uncles medals because of the law. If I were to wear them it would because of love and respect for them, and a feeling of having my dad and uncle along on an outing for the day. To remember them by personalising Remembrance Day like this would not be a thing to be ashamed or embarrassed by (at regimental outings I do wear a pin he brought back of Queen Wilhelmina, It’s my way of taking him along to his old regiment)

      • irishroverpei says:

        Hi Robert, its all about remembering with respect.

    • Ryan says:

      Robert you make me sick, not sure what branch of the military where in, But any ways you blog is total garbage to me and prob a lot more. Some little girl/Boy that lost their father do to fighting in combat in Afganistan, and will never ever see their father again, and that is the only thing they have for people to see that their father died a war hero and they would love to honour their father by wearing his metals and so Robert you think thats wrong your right out to lunch and sense you are such a supporter id love to see you tell my nephew to take off his fathers metals and that goes for any of you guys that think this is right, it probably would be the worst mistake you’d make. Standing beside that fatherless child is their mother/father wearing the Memorial Cross, Hey Robert the mother didn’t earn that metal did she? So Robert she may as well take that down hey Robert because the mother didnt server so she didnt earn it did she. What crock of crap this is. Id love for one of you clowns to meet me,mother, and my nephew and give it a try I’ll even tell where we will be, The people that support this crap they don’t have a clue what so ever.

      • baconburner says:

        Well Said my friend, these prima donnas have no concept of the Loss of a Family member, friend or loved one. They need to learn. God bless your Family and I salute our Veterans past and present especially those who paid the ultimate price in Freedom for Canada.

      • irishroverpei says:

        hi Ryan while I appreciate your support I do not condone nasty or threatening responses to those who disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. We are supposed to be comrades in arms. Robert may be in your opinion be misguided but nevertheless he has every right to express his beliefs just as you and I are. I think you should offer him an apology. We will only change the system by doing it democratically.

  12. Brian says:

    My memory somehow recalls that many decades ago, it was permitted, lawful and even normal for the eldest son to not only receive a father’s medals when he passed, but to also wear them on the right breast during Remembrance Ceremonies. Over my 36 yrs service, I have been awarded and accumulated a large assortment, plus I inherited my father’s rack of 7 from WWII, korea etc. .
    I see our local legion folks who adorn themselves with the costume crap, do very little to routinely assist veterans, while they pretend to have compassion. It is indeed sad.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Brian I believe the tradition began shortly after the !st WW, As cenataphs and memorials were erected across the Empire mothers and widows came to the unveiling ceremonies wearing lost sons and husbands medals on their right breast. Today the legion argue that they have a right to wear all their many right breast service medals because Cadets, Scouts, Knights of Columbus etc etc all do so. Weak excuse in my opinion

  13. gerrycurry says:

    To be clear, although the Legion may be addressing this issue, it is a federal law, not a Legion one, and I support it. Medals should only be worn on the left side, and only by the person they are issued to. As for “right side medals,” issued by the Legion, Navy League and others, I think they are foolish. As a veteran I qualify for both, but only wear my “real” medals. I gratefully accept the others but never wear them.

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