Explaining the wearing right breast medals (Blog post 18th Aug)

For today’s blog I decided to post a few of the commentslegion I received from yesterday’s blog. It was indeed a very busy day I received more than three thousand hits on my blog page. That doesn’t include Twitter or Face Book. Plus I know of a few other bloggers who also share this. Clearly many people are interested in what is going on at the Legion Command. I realize 3000 hits is not on a level with blogs that go viral. However, I usually average between 50 and 75 hits per day so I do consider this extraordinary.  You will not read any negative comments to my blog, and for one simple reason  I did not receive any! However, there are many angry veterans out there.Dave-Flannigan_DomPres

(1) I am a veteran with my CD plus my service medals and a legion member for 47 years and I agree with the comments expressed. I also feel the current legion members who are actively involved mean well in helping the veterans and community. However when a District Commander tells me that he owes the veterans nothing and they can take their medals and shove them up their rectum, it leaves a very bad taste when command leaves him in office and yes command was told

(2) I’ve been convinced long before now that some brains are not equipped to handle reasoning and common sense.clay poppy

(3) The Legion should do away with their in house medals as they give the uninformed the opinion that those are real and those members are VETERANS. RCL stop diluting the true value and meaning of our nations medals with your costume jewellery!!!!

(4) Right Breast Medals (Medallions) certainly make us look like a third world dictatorship. All tin pot dictators wear right breast medals. Perhaps we should faithfully follow our Mother Legion the Royal British in that no right hand medals are issued purchased or otherwise to Legion members a Lapel pin is used to signify long term service etc to the Legion.
Keep up this campaign my fellow Veterans who knows we may win this battle against Canadian dictators at Dominion Command Level.  Veteran and Proud Canadian.

(5) Well said

(6) I was approached a couple of years ago on Nov 11 by an elderly gentleman, while at a legion, and asked if I knew it was illegal to wear someone else’s medals. I politely informed him that they were medals that I earned during my 25 years of service and did not belong to someone else.

(7) I’m advising who ever is on this sight all I have to say is, I am a wounded Afghanistan Vet and as well as my brother was until he took a shot gun into his shed two years ago I think you can figure out the rest. The past two years I’ve pinned my brothers medals on his son and we went to Remembrance Day, you know that would make my life if someone came up to him and told him to take them off, I’d beat him so bad it wouldn’t even be funny, my brothers son has every right to wear his fathers medals. I had 7 medals that went in the garbage, and my brother has 8 medals, so I may as well through my brothers medals out as well, especially if his son can’t display them what are the use of them. You guys at the legion just don’t get it and you wonder why you guys are closing everywhere because you have no members and this generation is not going, why don’t you guys just sit and think about it, it’s a joke I’ll never step foot in a legion ever again, ran by civvies when the legion was first erected was for vet, civvies did not get in, know look at it but you guys still wonder why 2 year ago I went into the legion in combats/in uniform and I was denied a beer by the bar tender because I present a member ship god dam bullshit I’m in uniform in a place for vets and soldiers and get denied unbelievable, and you still wonder why I don’t give it too many more years and prob they will all be closed, civvies are running most of them, the legion board may have one vet on it, it’s gone( there should be no civvies in any legion) and then see what happens, the soldiers would be able to speak freely not having to worry if a civilian is listening to you which it is none of their business. The meaning of the legion where vets can go and hang out with each other like a big boy big girl club, not a civilian hang out. That’s why they are finished.


I’m a veteran retired from combat arms after 30 years, entitled to wear a rack and a few other odds and sods of salad dressing on my left side. I also don’t take any offence, nor see how any could be taken if relatives were to wear the awards and decoration given to a deceased loved one.

Having said that, I see the Legion types are not wearing awards and decorations from the Canadian government on their right side. They’re wearing Legion stuff, which means absolutely nothing to me, might be well deserved, but it is just costume jewelry. One could simply make up your own little medal or ribbon for suffering through three consecutive viewings of “Hyena Road” or something similar, then wear it to Remembrance Day. Whether the Legion dreamed up those decorations, or some individual makes up their own, the important issue is it isn’t an award or decoration given by the Canadian government to a member of the Forces for something they did. And that’s an enormous difference.

All that aside, I’m not sure why the Legion is presumes to be the voice of all veterans on whether or not relatives of deceased soldiers should be allowed by law to wear the medals of their loved ones at military ceremonies. Nobody asked me, and I for one am perfectly fine with it.


So folks this will give you a good indication of the wide spread dissatisfaction within and outside the legion ranks. These comments are from across Canada and one from the UK. I did not add names to the comments listed here because, no time to ask permission to do so.medal girl

As my parting shot ! I would like to point to the photo of the young girl, she is standing with her Grandfather (WW2 Veteran) wearing her Great Grandfathers 1st World War medals. When did you last see a 1st WW medal at a Remembrance Day Parade in Canada????? It rather defeats the legion motto “We will Remember Them” Surely this demands the law be amended to allow blood relatives to wear their deceased family members medals on such occasions. I again rest my case!

God Bless and keep reading


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3 Responses to Explaining the wearing right breast medals (Blog post 18th Aug)

  1. The wearing of the medals makes sense to me and when we understand where the medals come from it gives a great notion of remembrance.

  2. Vera Cardinal says:

    Good Morning,

    If the Legion thinks they have taken away our voice, clearly they are mistaken.

    I have been posting all your Blogs on the Facebook page made for Joan and from there they have also been shared a good number of times.

    Keep up the good work, top of the morning to you.


    Sent from Vera’s iPad


  3. irishroverpei says:

    Thanks Vera yesterdays blog is still going strong, I now have over four thousand hits and many many comments. My latest attempt to bring the legion into line, I have sent an email to the Minister of Justice asking if a private citizen can request an amendment to a law, in this case section 419 of criminal code

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