Legion Message from the National President

Wow!!! since last week I have received over sixteen thousand hits and numbers are still climbing. There is no question many people are angry with the legion.
Letter from National President.
To be fair we should recognize the new President is at least responding to the problems of a rapidly depleting legionmembership. As usual, he offers the excuse that much of this is through attrition, but we all know that is not the real reason. So my response to Comrade Dave ,(they addressed as Mr) you have to begin by listening to the members, not just those in your inner circle. Let me point out the crass and arrogant response I received from your communications officer. In a recent email he suggested that I was slow to understand what had been explained to me several times by my Provincial Command. Being an efficient communicator, he said he’d join the ranks of those who had tried and explain it to me again. His is just one example of the many arrogant responses I have received from members in positions of authority.    So Comrade Dave, here is a place to start, all members should be treated equally and given the same respect that you and Comrade Poulin expect. Sadly that is not happening, not at Dominion and not at Provincial.  What to do about it, besides listening to the membership? This suggestion might be considered radical,  we should change the Legion uniform, allow the Associates to continue as is.  Provide a new distinctive blazer for Veterans, one that clearly sets them apart, how about Red. That would fit nicely with the idea of red Fridays.   There are several things that can be done, for instances not all veterans want to sit a dark atmosphere drinking beer. Not all veterans want to play cards,darts, slot machines and in turn support the ATM. Perhaps you might take a leaf out of MacDonalds Restaurants, have you noticed how many seniors sit at the local Mac Donalds in the mornings drinking reasonably priced coffee and chatting?
Allow me to use my own membership as an example of the rapidly growing decline in the legion numbers. In all sincerity, I do not plan to renew my membership at the end of 2016. I have already removed all the legion insignia from my blazer and beret. I have tried for four years to have Section 419 of the criminal code amended or at least have the legion request an amendment. It is simply wrong to deny blood relatives from wearing loved ones medals on the right breast. It is even worse when we see legion members like Tom Eagles wearing a total of twelve medals. He is not a veteran yet the public almost certainly see him as one.  However, legion medals aside, let me ask you this one simple question. I will post two photo’s with this blog. Please tell me which one you think displays the better image of  Remembrance – Respect – Pride – honour.  The one that best states “We Will Remember Them”.   I await your answer.
                                      Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers CD. Wellington Br.  PEmedal girlTomEagles2


As we are all very aware, membership is at the forefront of considerable discussion within many Legion Branches largely because our overall membership numbers continue…
God Bless and keep reading

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