Response is Overwhelming

legionOver the last few days I have received more than twelve thousand hits on my blog no wait that’s wrong its over twenty thousand now  and its still rising. I have received countless comments and the great majority are in agreement with the theme of my blog. I have tried to reply to each comment but it is becoming difficult, so if I miss you please understand why. I appreciate all the comments whether in agreement or opposed. Both are important because it gives us a clear picture of the general feelings against the present direction of the Legion. It is wonderful to see so many comments, but please consider sending them to Dominion Command too. Email  If we swamp them with emails it will be interesting to see how long the present contact address stays online????


I can’t post all the comments to my blog, but I try to select a few of interest.

I had a blog ready for today, but after reading this article I knew I had to share it. Wow!! it sure qualifies what I …

I agree with you Ray! Our Vets need help and our Legion should be standing up for them. The problem with the legion is it has been taken over by people that have no clue about service. They don’t understand what we have done for our country and they cant even comprehend the sacrifices that have been made. And, I hate to say it, they don’t appreciate us for what we have given. It is more important for them to line their own pockets and kiss up to Bureaucrats than it is to stand up for those that need it more, our Veterans! My Dad left the legion back in the 90s as he was disgusted with what it had become. I never joined because I agree with my Dad, I served long and hard and the people at the legion today don’t understand that, and they look down their faces at us because if you didn’t serve and fight in a great war, you aren’t a veteran in their eyes. The members of today’s legion are just wannabes riding on the coat tails of their brave forefathers who fought and died for Canada, while in reality, they think their parents service was more important and valuable than our own!

I had a blog ready for today, but after reading this article I knew I had to share it. Wow!! it sure qualifies what I …

Legion headquarters should be located in Roblin, Manitoba. It seems that anything located in Ottawa becomes self centered, pompous and entitled to their entitlements….like government. At least in a place like Roblin the hierarchy would be well grounded like the common folks.


Well said Terri and thank you for your support. Thank you Peter, you have a good point there!! You both could support us even more by sending your comments to Dominion Command. email

God Bless and keep reading


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One Response to Response is Overwhelming

  1. Ira Peters says:

    Really is too bad the direction the Legion is going, my Uncles who served in WW 1 and my father who served in WW 11 would be disgusted, to see the civilians that have moved in to take over what rightfully should be the younger Veterans positions. I served for 8 1/2 years to find no Legion for our generation..

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