Letter to Dominion Command

This is the letter I sent to Bruce Poulin Communications officer Dominion Command. I thought it was polite and a reasonable request. Wait for tomorrow to see the reply.

Hello Comrade Brucebruce

If you and I can set aside our animosity for a moment, I would ask you to read the attached blog. Please show it to all those concerned at Dominion HQ’s an ask them to discuss it with open minds. You and I both know the anger that exists within the membership, and if nothing is done to correct it, we surely end up with no Legions. In my own view, Dominion have done little to change the situation. Indeed I believe they have exacerbated the problems by trying to ignore them. Veterans are not the enemy, we want the legion to succeed just as I assume Dominion does. In my blog you can clearly see the three WW1 medals have been forgotten, I didn’t remember, even thought my father fought in the 1st WW and was awarded the latter two medals. I’m sure you didn’t know either or did members at HQ’s. This is surely a glaring example of why the Legion Command need to request the dept of Justice for an amendment to section 419 of the criminal code. To the best of my knowledge we are the only Commonwealth Country with this offensive law. If the leadership do not agree with my views I would be obliged to hear the reasons why, but please don’t tell me it dilutes the value of the medal. If Dominion continue to defy and ignore members the situation will continue to deteriorate and I do not think any of us want that. Amending this section of the law, while it will not right all the ills it will in my opinion go a long way to mend broken fences.  Allowing blood relatives to wear their late loved ones medals on their right breast is the correct thing to do. It honours the memory of those veterans who have gone before us. It gives families a chance to show their pride and a greater purpose to attend Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Lest We Forget, then ask yourself the question, have you forgotten?

Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers CD. Wellington Br 17 PEIWW1 medals

Remember my post and photo of the young girl wearing her Great grandfather’s WW1 medals. From publishing this photo on my blog I learned a little bit of forgotten History, the term “Pip Squeak and Wilfred” if you read yesterday’s blog you will know what I’m referring too.  The three medals were popularly known as Pip Squeak and Wilfred by the troops. Whether this was done in humour or sarcasm,( maybe a bit of both) I think it reflects the thoughts of returning soldiers of World War One. Those having survived one of the most horrific conflicts in the history of war, this is what they received from their leaders as a thank you and a symbol of their sacrifice.medal girl

I’m not trying to judge whether it was right or wrong, Nonetheless, it must be point out that this is a startling example of why blood relatives should be allowed to wear late loved ones medals. Ask yourself if you knew of this interesting piece of WW1 history, or indeed if you know anyone else who knew this fact? Surely this follows with “Lest We Forget” most of us have either forgotten or never knew in the first place. One more very sound reason for the legion to request amending the law(Section 419) to allow blood relatives to wear these medals. Lets think about today’s younger generation. compared to most of us older folks, they are extremely computer literate. Now imagine a young boy/girl being told she can wear her Great Grandfathers medals to a Remembrance Day Ceremony. What do you think the young person will do first? I believe they will go on-line and find out what the medals represent, why they were awarded, where they were awarded, and in which war were they awarded etc etc. Does anyone really think this would be disrespectful, dishonouring or diluting those medals. It surely emphasizes the purpose of the Royal Canadian Legion to honour our veterans past and present. Allow widows, mothers, wives, sons, daughters and yes Grandchildren to also honour their own family history.  I honestly fail to see any valid reason why Dominion Command should so adamantly refuse to request this change. If as you claim you are “Preparing for the 21st Century” then here is a good place to begin.


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